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[Gnumed-devel] roadmap

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] roadmap
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:25:45 +0200
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GnuMed temporary roadmap

MUST HAVE first release:
patient input/search/modification
hackers: Ian Haywood
 - no family relationship handling
 - search done (or nearly, in top panel)
 - mediocre attempt at input/modification available
 - input needs considerably more smarts

simple ConfigRegistry
maintainer: Hilmar Berger
 - complete default config data
 - nearly done

referrals handling
 - accompanying referral letter
   - AbiWord IMHO for letters that need a little writing
   - quick-pick lists+LaTeX+text editor for "rapid-letter" referrals
 - referral form (Germany)
   - uses common forms engine with prescription
   - optional

hackers: Ian Haywood, RMIT
 - *very* complex to cover all cases
 - start with simple, most common cases:
 - print out using common forms engine
 - 4 fields initially:
   - drug name, auto-complete from database
   - strengths, drop-down from list in database
   - frequency, free-form for now, later recognize formats
     - German: 4 integers for the 4 times during the day, separated by slashes,
           so 4 times a day is "1/1/1/1", one morning , 2 at night is "1/0/2/0"
     - Latin: m=mane, i=midi n=nocte, b=BD t=TDS, q=QID.
           So "2m" is 2 tabs mane, "1q" is 1 tab QID, "2m+2.5i" is 2 mane and 2 
& a half midi
   - directions. Free comment fields, auto-translating to vernacular for
     standard Latin abbreviations: PP, OU, AU, etc.

 - FUTURE: remembers previous values for a particular drug
   - should come automatically with XML forms proposal

 - OPTIONAL: a "prescribing diagnosis" field which saves as
   a Plan row into the SOAP for the currently active encounter

 - Scripts will be lawful in Australia: name, address, Medicare number, 
prescriber, etc.

drug information browser
maintainer: ? RMIT ?
hackers: Hilmar Berger
 - if data is available locally
 - PBS via via XML-RPC, initially
 - AMIS (German) to follow

progress notes input
maintainer: Karsten Hilbert
 - simple SOAP structured text input fields
 - clin_note/clin_history/clin_physical rows
 - partially done
notes viewer
 - tree widget on the left side: health issues[1] and then episodes[2] in a 
 - drop down boxes across top for limiting by month/year etc.
 - display of clinical notes on the right
1: an ongoing health problem: COPD, niddm, etc. ~= significant past history
2: a circumscribed clinical problem, may still
   span several consults: viz. infective exacerbation
   of COPD ~= current problem list

export of progress notes
 - per patient
 - ASCII to text files for re-use
 - constrainable by date, encounter, episode, health issue
 - just as proof-of-intent for interoperability

third-party application connectivity
 - allow other apps to connect to a GnuMed instance, lock it
   into a patient and release that lock later on

document archive
maintainer: Hilbert
 - nearly done

path results
hackers: Karsten Hilbert, 
 - one excellently defined area of work
 - high on list for DE/AU
 - easily assignable sub-project
 - import PIT path files, def: <URL missing>
 - see gmMeasurement.sql
 - need to add country-specific tables in sql/country.specific/*/

 - optional: AU pathology request codes: <URL>
 - future: LOINC/LDT

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