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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: First sample of gui function docs

From: richard terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: First sample of gui function docs
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 22:17:26 +1000
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The purpose was to describe the functionality and construction of the gui so 
that whoever is going to program the linking of it to the database (or refine 
the gui appearance) knows what it is meant to be.

HTML I find a little problematic because I've only exported from word and the 
html file looks like shit. Is there a simple html editor that works where the 
resultant lines arn't miles apart etc.



On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 10:07 pm, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, richard terry wrote:
> > Reason for the .doc file is that the pictures contained show up better in
> > msword than open office where you can't read the writing in the pictures.
> Same in AbiWord which is my prefered *.doc-Viewer but saving the image to
> disc is the way to get the original image with original quality.
> > Anyway, could people comment on this format and let me know if it is
> > adequate for the purpose it must be used for.
> I do not really know the purpose but plain HTML instead of *.doc would be
> nice (I mean plain HTML not the HTML you'll get by exporting from Word).
> This is more or less from a Debian point of view.  My fellow developers
> would beat me if I would place a Word document into a package. ;-)
> Kind regards
>          Andreas.
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