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[Gnumed-devel] qt vs wxWindows or why change tools?

From: Christoph Becker
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] qt vs wxWindows or why change tools?
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 12:13:39 +0200
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Dear List,

first here is a start of a discussion of "qt vs. wx"
some quotes from that threat:
>Another advantage of wx is that it is open source.  Having used many 
>commercially supported libraries and application frameworks that were 
>later abandoned by their developers (ever hear of OWL, zApp, odbcLib?) I 
>am wary of going with another commercial multi-platform application 
>framework.  It seems that application frameworks have the highest 
>mortality rate of all types of code libraries.  I want my next framework 
>to be around decades from now.
 another one:
>I had to make that decision too, for a large project which also has a
>projected two year development time. QT's pricing, its wierd and wonderful
>Meta Object Compilers, and its lack of native widget support put me off.
>That leaves either wxWindows, or writing platform specific on each platform.
>For me, the best feature of wx is that its users are in control of its

And here another answer on a request "qt vs wxWindows"
>I evaluated both about two years ago and chose Qt.  But when it came time to
>port the software to win32, I realized that it would cost $2500 to get
>Qt/Win32 version.  It's not free even if you are developing open source.  So
>for that reason, I have now switched over to using wxWindows.  I liked Qt -
>it is fairly polished and stable.  But I also like wxWindows now (it is more
>polished than when I first evaluated it).  But the major difference is in
>the licensing and price.

Now don't forget, an application like gnumed should have the perspectiv to be 
run for decades, like LATEX, or like the old commercial MS-DOS dental office 
program which is now about 18 years old while still in general use in at 
least one office while in my practice I still need it for billing of 
prostodontic works, until my python/wxPython program can take this over too.

I don't think that gnumed is developing that slow since you don't have the 
right tools. It was this list on gnumed, that pointed me to python and 
wxPython about 22 month ago, when I met a roadblock in JAVA (In Java's 
equivalent to wxGrid I could not size  each cell or column individually to 
its contents, which is an absolute must for any usable medical record (is 
this possible in qt??).

Christoph Becker 

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