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Re: [Gnumed-devel] First sample of gui function docs

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] First sample of gui function docs
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 10:40:22 +0200
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> a) Age should be in expressed in days up to one month, in months and
> days up to perhaps 4 or 6 months, years and months up to perhaps 5
> years, and in completed years after that (not rounded to integer years).

def get_medical_age(dob):
        """format patient age in a hopefully meaningful way"""

        age = mx.DateTime.Age(, dob)

        if age.years > 0:
                return "%sy%sm" % (age.years, age.months)
        if age.weeks > 4:
                return "%sm%sw" % (age.months, age.weeks)
        if age.weeks > 1:
                return "%sd" % age.days
        if age.days > 1:
                return "%sd (%sh)" % (age.days, age.hours)
        if age.hours > 3:
                return "%sh" % age.hours
        if age.hours > 0:
                return "%sh%sm" % (age.hours, age.minutes)
        if age.minutes > 5:
                return "%sm" % (age.minutes)
        return "%sm%ss" % (age.minutes, age.seconds)

This has been discussed with a Pediatrician. It is used in the
top panel.

> b) Address history?
> Does the demographic back-end capture address history (if not it should).
Address tables are fully audited.

> If so, then at least the previous address (if recorded) should be shown,
> and the (approximate) date of last move.
Shown where ?

> c) Occupational history? Patient might be a bus driver now but was a
> boilermaker in the past - which may be more relevant to his current
> dyspnoea. 
Will add tables.

> d) Highest educational level. Increasing evidence that on a population
> level this is even more strongly associated with health outcomes than
> income. Of course, not necessarily true for any individual, but a useful
> indicator.
Will add tables.

> e) Ethnicity! Country of birth, first language, language spoken at home,
> English (or local dominant language) proficiency - perhaps just as a
> flag ". Essential.
Will add tables.

The last three might as well be put into clinical history,

> f) Relations: family member details.
Relations can be recorded. Tables are available.

> One general question: I don't understand how this panel fits in overall
You'd have to read Richard's design guide for which I don't
have the URL handy right now.

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