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Re: [Gnumed-devel], who is interested

From: David Guest
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel], who is interested
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 07:45:41 +1000
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Christoph Becker wrote:

Am Samstag, 16. August 2003 12:00 schrieb Christian Heller:
Hosting the conference is another issue. I would have to ask at
University first. My office is always accessible, but how many
people would that be?

Indeed. From the list I guess about 5 to 6 people, probably any classroom a room in a youthhostel will do it.
But lets make list here, to get an idea:
Karsten Hilbert,
Sebastion Hilbert, Christan Heller,
Andreas Tille,
Christoph Becker

Any body else? Or is someone on that list not interested?
Or the nature of Thuringia :-)
That would be real nice. There should be a hostel anywhere in a nice area, where we can put two tables together and install oure Notebooks.
FWIW, the most useful thing we found at was getting together. A couple of prepared talks about current problems and future directions seemed to have the effect of focussing the mind and rekindled the enthusiasm. An action plan at the end of the day was a great idea and was driven by Richard.

You need somewhere quiet and probably won't use your notebooks much. (I'd also recommend going somewhere quiet for dinner and avoiding anywhere with a band. :-)

We have held two conferences one in the small rural town where I live and one in Sydney. The former was the more enjoyable, the latter attracted a few more participants who would not otherwise have made the journey.

Similarly the advantage of having it at a bigger venue would be if there are outsiders considering contributing to the project or perhaps seeing synergies with their own work like Christoph or Tim has. We also had a couple of other developers come along to see what we were up to and one of them felt that he would like to contribute once he got up to speed on python.

Personally I found dealing with the university a pain in the arse. Horst tells me things are better in Germany, however. I wonder if a function room in a hotel is the best option but I guess that depends on your numbers and your contacts.

I am sure Horst has zero time but it would be great if he could get to this conference. If not maybe a next year?


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