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[Gnumed-devel] FW: [GPCG] The Importance of Being OSCAR (Was winter holi

From: s j tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] FW: [GPCG] The Importance of Being OSCAR (Was winter holiday)
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 22:58:52 +1000

I was getting the impression that java programs can be open sourced
But not GPL.

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Subject: Re: [GPCG] The Importance of Being OSCAR (Was winter holiday)

Tony Eviston wrote:

>The facility I was referring to was not a proprietary remote client but
>rather an API to allow GP practices to determine the interface.
>It is good to see you addressing the remote data entry problem, but,
>respect, I don't think Intrahealth or HCN or anyone else should dictate
>we work, and the nature of the interface is very important to our work
>Of course you should provide a default interface - which would be
>acceptable to many GP's no doubt.
>You see, the problem is that your company along with HCN and many other
>vendors seem to feel that because 90% of doctors can fulfill 70-80% of
>their current information storage needs within your products there is
>need to allow other systems read/write data access. That assumption
>hold forever. Encapsulated systems will prove to be very bad
>Changing care patterns (including - dare I say it - capitation) will
>malleable core EHR systems essential.
>Imagine trying to run a true community care paradigm on the back of the
>current crop of programs.
>Maybe the killer product of the next few years will be a solid cross-
>platform database with fully documented structure, and a collection of
>documented web services, along with an interface toolkit for GP's or
>Divisions or corporate programmers to customize the interface.
>Ironic that it will probably end up being open source because the
>commercial vendors were too busy thinking of new ways to make black-box
>systems look marketable.

I wonder if you, or perhaps community health generally, would be
interested in OSCAR which released version 1.1 last week.

OSCAR is a web based primary care program running on Linux, MySQL and
Tomcat. It is open sourced under the GPL. It addresses the problem of
remote read / writes in the multi-disciplinary care of chronic disease.

The application can be downloaded as a massive 84 meg file
(, which will
probably bring the Boonah telephone exchange down). The install script
worked OK for me on debian unstable but did not fire up in the browser
but I do note their preferred platform is RedHat 7 or 8.

Get a few friends together and you might even get the Feds to fund the
diabetes module. :-)
Management of chronic disease
m#chronic%20disease> and
related information transfers within multi-agency care teams.

/Explanation:/ projects to be funded would accelerate the delivery or
implementation of efficient protocols, standards or information systems
to support collaboration and exchange of clinical data/information in
health operational processes with particular application to the
management of chronic disease in community care networks."



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