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[Gnumed-devel] Can you rename the docs

From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Can you rename the docs
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 08:45:43 +1000
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Can you remain the docs and put in alphabetical order as per a more 
recognisable schema eg

Edit_Area_Vaccines = Vaccine_FunctionalSpecs.doc
#  Overview_Summary_1.doc = PatientOverview_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# Prescription_section.doc = Prescriptions_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# Recalls Functional S#1B951E.doc = Recalls_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# allergies_functional_specs.doc =Allergies_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# = EditAreaGeneral_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# edit_area_vaccines.doc = Vaccinations_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# = FamilyHistory_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# functionalspecs_pasthistory.doc = PastHIstory_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# request_section_functional_specs.doc = Requests_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# scratch_pad_functionality.doc = ScratchPad_FunctionalSpecs.doc
# tabbed_lists_functionality.doc = TabbedLists_FunctionalSpecs.doc

Also I note that the demographic summary is missing, when you put it in can 
you name it DemographicSummary_FunctionalSpecs.doc

I've done the screen dumps on ReferralLetters and will try and complete it and 
the measurements by the 09Sept Deadline I agreed too.

This weekend was my Charlotte access weekend + Fathers Day of course, so 
didn't touch the computer.

Regards Richard

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