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[Gnumed-devel] specs

From: s j tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] specs
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 01:07:26 +1000

How about start with completely denormalized direct mappings of editarea
inputs to tables.
Convert later to views with triggers if necessary later, when confirmed
inputs go into tables and
Can be read back.
I don't think many others worried whether the actual data was stored
well-formed e.h.r. or not,
As long as users thought their data was stored, recoverable : O-R is fun
to play with, but
the spec docs indicate that simple tables is adequate - a
non-relational, non-transactional, non-multiversion
 database with a TCP connection would be good enough!!!
The edit area could have one data model like:
setTargetTables( listOfTableNames)
setPk( table, field)
setFK( parent_table, child_table2, fk_childs_field2)
setOwnerFK( table, field)
select( rootItemPkValue)
setInputField( table, field , aliasLabel )
setReadOnlyField(table, field, aliasLabel)
unsetInputField( aliasLabel)
setValue( aliasLabel, value)
getValue( aliasLabel, value)
save() - for each table x,  for each fk that exists with x as parent,
recurse for child table; then save each input alias with a value to its
mapped table/field.
setConstrainer( table, field, constrainerTable, constrainerField ,
constrainerPkField )  ( use constrainerPk for targtable.field value if
constrainerPkField not null)
getConstrainerChoices( table, field, fieldPartialValue)
setRestriction( isOn, table, field, constrainerFkField) 

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