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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Proposed forms system

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Proposed forms system
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:46:28 +0100
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Installing (La)Tex is an absolute no-brainer. I recently persuaded one of my 
fellow students to use LaTex on Windows instead of MS Word for his thesis.

One can download a Tex compilation (CD-iso) from dante or order it here in 
Germany from bookshops. It is called TexLive7 . It includes everything one 
needs including gs, dvi-viewer, tex-shell and many packages. It comes with an 

Take care,

@anyone in NZ/Australia
I have tried to apply for an clinical elective during my final year of 
Med-school in NZ/Australia. So far without success. NZ seems to be pretty 
packed. Anyone knows any backroads for such an 16 weeks elective 
(2004/2005)in NZ or Australia?
If you are able to help please give me hints.

On Tuesday 25 November 2003 13:45, Horst Herb wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 22:19, Ian Haywood wrote:
> > Please have a look in gnumed/test-area/ian
> >
> > This is a putative forms/letters system for gnumed, based on LaTeX
> Glorious! Probably a lot easier to handle than the wx printing environment,
> more flexible, and more portable too.
> I don't think that the size of the additional dependency matters in this
> case. What I am more concerned about is how the average Windows user will
> be able to install and configure it? I have no idea how easy or difficult
> that will be. Always used (La)TeX in Unix or on mainframe environments.
> Horst
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