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Re: [Gnumed-devel] I get the Darwin Computing award of the year

From: David Grant
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] I get the Darwin Computing award of the year
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:40:23 -0500
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Thank you for this little story.  I will back up my mail right now!

Richard Terry wrote:

Depressing aint it.

I know you will all find this easy to believe, I'm almost too embarrassed to mention it, but I'll need some info from some of you

At lunch time I went to reformat a new drive to put on libranet (you've already guessed why I get the award -right!). I have a pull in pull out caddy system. I'd removed my office desk disk, put in the new caddy, then had forgot to burn one of the libranet iso's, so rebooted, burnt it. Got distracted by an avalance of patients/phone calls/secretarial demands/lunch, and yes.. reformatted my main office disk which I forgot to swap.

It's taken me a few hours to get up and running again. Fortunately Libranet install is easy, and I quickly patched the kernel sources with the Win4LIn patches in between patients, then compiled the kernel with Windows support whilst working the afternoon surgery on another spare machine. I've spent a couple of hours tonight installing windows/configuring printers etc, and not yet finished.

I was pissed off the Mandrake anyway, so this is a good excuse to finally stick with Debian

Despite daily server backups, I download my mail to my local desktop, and hadn't backed it up since October!!!!!, so I've lost recent mail.

So, could anyone Karsten (re vaccination) who has emailed me stuff in the last week I havn't answered, flick me the email again. Also, I now have to go throught the whole gnumed install thing again!



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