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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Gnumed Website

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Gnumed Website
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 00:12:58 -0800

I will shut down sooner or later. We (I) should definetely move
all content to one site. I need to think about this German section a bit more.
I will keep you posted.

What might a "German" section best aim to capture... localization to _Germany_, or to the _German language_ irrespective of location?

This becomes relevant with anticipation that users of additional languages / locations may seek and benefit from (and GnuMed benefit from) a "home" on the site. Over and above the "general" implementations of GnuMed, subgroups of people will want to build and share functionality applicable to their geographic setting(s) and languages. I recognize some of the latter may be able to be dealt with through internationalization.

Further on web site planning, it's been suggested that work on content ought not await finalization of technology choices. Work on content might usefully start with the gathering, sorting, and organizing of what is available (some resources even being off site). The resulting inventory may importantly influence site design (organization). Existing content may be redundant and/or outdated, and the parts that remain useful may need merging and updating, but the task is apt to be essential.

If essential, how best to compile such an inventory? Rows in a table, with columns identifying (where able):
- date posted / revised / updated (if decipherable)
- title (if identifiable)
- author name & email (if identifiable)
- one sentence description
- possibly key words
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