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Re: [Gnumed-devel] vaccination edit are is really odd

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] vaccination edit are is really odd
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 12:44:41 +0100
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>>>>> Lines are missing - target disease etc.
>> But why do you need to be able to input the target disease
>> when recording a vaccination ?
> 1) We may not remember the brand names/they may have been changed/updated (as 
> supplied by the drug vendor).
I don't see why one would need to remember the vaccine name
beyond the single occasion of entering a vaccination ? In
which case one is well advised to be able to remember the name
of the vaccine just administered or else go see a mental health
co-worker :-)

> 2) I still think we need schedules eg in AU we have 2.4.6 month schedules 
> etc. 
I do sense some merit in that statement. I'd however like to
know the reason for exactly *why* we think we need it *where*.
That may help us root out some flaws in thinking (my brother
hates it when I do this *grin* - please don't get me wrong
Richard, I am not trying to downplay your specs or advice).

> Each schedule contains multiple vaccines.
No question about that. It does not, however, explain why we
would need to be able to input the target schedule when
entering a vaccination.

Ever thought about a patient moving from AU to DE
mid-schedule? What am I going to do with his recorded
schedule-bound vaccination data ? I'd rather prefer to have it
indication-bound ...  And apply *our* schedules upon display
to find out what *my* schedule thinks is missing (the whole
complexity isn't easily mappable anyways). I am trying to
separate fact from interpretation thereof. Or in other words,
store *data* and display *information*.

> I don't get any popup lists coming up - are they meant to?
I just now synced my tree (no relevant changes) and connected
to my public DB. On my machine the popup lists aren't just
meant to come up, they even do.

> > > As soon as the cursor hits the
> > > vaccine line (which you should automatically set in code) up pops the
> > > list of all the hepatitis b vaccines (brand  - trade name). The
Now, *that* doesn't happen yet:

a) the vaccine popup list isn't constrained by the vaccination target
   (it can't, hehe, since currently we don't *have* a
    vaccination target selection field ... and as I tend
    to believe we don't need it)

b) our phrasewheel currently doesn't support immediate popup
   without any user input - however, one can type "*" to get a
   list of all currently available items (will implement the
   immediate popup if that's one more mode we need ... just tell
   me) - or type some part of the vaccine given

> > > Also I woudn't put the serial number on a separate line,
> Sorry, I meant it should be on a separate line (not next to the vaccine name) 
> as per the docs
OK, done.

>>> The clear still doesn't clear, and the ok doesn't accept (at least on the
>>> cvs I downloaded today.
>> They do on my machine.
> So what do we do about the fact it doesn't on others?
We try to go about finding out why by way of inspecting logs
and behaviour ... IOW debugging.

> It is such a pity I can't send you my program for you to play with. The 
> problem is with the drug data.
No, the problem is that I wouldn't be able to run it anyways
:-)   Other than that I'd certainly like to see it.

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