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Re: [Gnumed-devel] between-patient mode

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] between-patient mode
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:33:36 +0100
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> Richard's suggestion was contained in  "how and when to select 
> encounter type" but is a bit of a new subject
Yes. I for one didn't get around to answering that.

> Moving between multiple exam rooms
> - does gnumed presently permit a doctor to have multiple concurrent 
> logins, on multiple machines?

> Patients having access to the exam room and computer, unattended e.g. 

> - doctor and receptionist be given access to a hot key +- menu item to 
> handle this situation
and timeout

> - modal window would need to lock only gnumed --- it may be appropriate 
Yes. It's in there but not currently working.

> or it may be desirable 
> to lock down the whole computer
Outside the scope of what GnuMed needs to worry about.

> - modal window would reveal last user, would permit last user to 
> release the lock and return to last "view",

> or would permit new user to 
> logout last user (if gnumed requires) to log in themselves
nice idea to keep around

> - hot key should invoke itself after a proposed period of inactivity 
ah, OK

> - modal window should display the name of the last-accessed (active) 
> patient in the modal window as a reminder per Richard's concern
hum, huh, yes and no, the next patient isn't even entitled to
learn who attended our offices from anything else but actually
witnessing the other patients' presence, so the lock window
would not show the last patient but a successful unlock
attempt will briefly remind us which patient is active

> - an alternate, read-only mode that locks gnumed onto the current 
> patient would be an alternative where the current patient could look at 
> their record but be unable to write any data or move gnumed to another 
> patient. At some point gnumed would have to be able to allow a patient 
> to examine whatever parts of their record are approved (up to & likely 
> having to include the full record except for any sections 'protected" 
> on account of psychiatric grounds).
I tend to believe that's a good reason for writing another
client and not clutter the current client with it. That other
client may well be incapacitated by software to even open
read-write connections.

> - patients may want to view and print reference copies of their labs 
> and other data/reports which in a paper chart model is a pain for 
> security (might they pocket the original record) also where in the 
> office does the patient sit to do this and, if they want copies --- 
> even when willing to pay --- how is this done efficiently? I think it 
> would be great to be able to have a patient viewing station where a 
> patient can sit down to be logged-on to their own record able to 
> read-only the "unrestricted" portion of their own record with the 
> ability to print to a local printer.
Walking needs to be mastered before attempting to run.

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