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[Gnumed-devel] Gnumed FAQs

From: James Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Gnumed FAQs
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 22:36:11 -0800

Hi all

We are further developing FAQs for

        •       What is GNUMed?
        •       What is GNUMed NOT?
        •       Who is GNUMed for?
        •       What computer system(s) will it run on?
        •       Is GNUMed free? Why?
        •       What more should I know about Open Source?
        •        What might it cost to run?
        •        When might GNUMed be ready for use?
        •        Can I be notified of significant GNUMed progress?
        •        How can I learn more and perhaps contribute?
        •        Why is GNUMed so hard to install? ;-)

Here are some draft answers for "What is GNUMed" and "Who is GNUMed for?". "What is GNUMed NOT" will appear courtesy of Karsten, whom I would ask along with any others to advise anything they would like made clear. - PS have to take someone to the hospital tomorrow --- hopefully a short affair, but FYI, in case I'm delayed in replying.

 What is GNUMed?

GNUMed is the name for both a GNU Open Source Project and its intended outcome, a suite of software (and a community) to support medical practice, using tried-and-true technology. It will start out with record-keeping, but is eventually supposed to cover all aspects of medical practice, and is supposed to interface well with 3rd-party software. For the more technical, it tries to do things "cleanly", but takes a pragmatic rather than purist approach. Currently, data is accessed via business objects implemented in Python directly accessing the pgSQL RDBMS, but it is planned to access much of the data via business objects accessing XML-RPC servers (your middleware, if you will) which, in turn, will access the data stores.

What is GNUMed NOT?
< suggestions welcome>

Who is GNUMed for?

GNUMed will be most suited to physicians in community practice, especially general practice, but may suit others who provide a degree of comprehensive care (general internists, pediatricians, others). GNUMed will operate on networks of a few to many users, and will support secure, remote access. GNUMed will also operate on a single computer. This makes possible initial examination of the software, and may suit physicians or nurse clinicians serving remote, underserved or disadvantaged areas that afford limited infrastructure.

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