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[Gnumed-devel] re xml-rpc

From: sjtan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] re xml-rpc
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 00:07:00 +1100
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I worked with omni corba ( which has a lgnu license) and xml-rpc test
code , and found the omni idl generated types richer and more satisfying
to program. omni corba seemed faster too. The disadvantage is that
omni corba is yet another separate package from the python distribution; if using a corbamed specified interface a) it may not be suited ambulatory care needs b) it may be claimably owned by the specifying parties, even though they explicitly state they will not claim on implementations c) its Observation COAS and PIDS specifications are not too difficult to implement, but no substantial Lexicon Query Service seems to exist freely and publically available, which seems to suggest that all the hard programming work is in terminology classification , ontology and decision support, and no one wants to do it for free (Protege is "free", but
it's in evil java)
Corba also isn't built upon http or https , so clients need heavy corba libraries (albeit, they are more type checked, and calls are faster). Other than being built-in to python as the only available remote-procedure call library , I'm not sure what the advantages of
xml-rpc are.  Is Gnome an example of CORBA's eventual non-robustness?
Having played around with other "free for study, not for use" such as
java and qt , and found the licensing paranoia immovable (but hey, RMS succeeded with this attitude) , why not study something like qt's implementation of data-aware widgets ( which is a collaboration of
gui and non-gui  sql classes) , and build a data-aware wxWindow widget
collaboration ? That might mean leaving things inside cursors for viewing, but doesn't stop validation/triggering from cursors with business objects. That would fit in with the roll-your-own except for gmx-datetime(.com)/PyPgSQL/PostgreSQL/wxWindows packages regimen, wouldn't it?

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