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Re: [Gnumed-devel] es.po translation

From: Carlos Moro
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] es.po translation
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 17:59:02 +0100
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On Thursday 11 March 2004 20:53, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> you can send the es translation to me. I'll check it in.

Sent. As mentioned in my mail, it's a first version. I'll go on correcting 
existing strings and completing missing ones, in order to have the definite 
translation before  0.1 release.

> What healthcare setting do you work in ? Hospital, clinic,
> other ?

I got my degree past september. At the moment, i'm working as java developer 
for a non-healthcare related software company, mainly in order to complete 
some kind of 'IT training' ;). I hope to come back to clinical medicine in a 
short, to prepare my speciality (internist, anestesilogy, rx... not sure 
which, i like many of them ;), not sure where, looking possibilities in 
different countries... )

> What are your areas of interest in medicine ?

I think one one the most urgent and interesting aspects of medicine is the 
wide and free spread, sharing and communication of medical knowledges, 
resources and related technologies all around the world. I have fear of 
thinking about a small and rich portion of the planet enjoying high quality 
healhcare and thousand/millions of people living in depressed regions/
enviroments shaked and suffering becouse they can not afford huge prices of 
medical care, resources and technologies (as medical information systems).

Focused in research aspects, i'm interested in report coding standards, that 
allow us to go beyond free text based reports in order to obtain great 
collections of data ready por statistical exploitation (eg. Bethesda 2001 
System, for cervical-vaginal cytology: )...

> What  
> functionality would you like to see in GnuMed ? Are there any
> particular needs you want to cover with GnuMed in your current
> medical practice ?

I think Gnumed will be very useful in future. In many countries that nowadays 
are yet using this kind of medical information systems... well all of us know 
the very restricted possibility of influence on NHS administrative 
decissions... there are also great economic interests under the table... but, 
looking some movements in certain administrations in favor of open source 
solutions... why not it would be possible to see Gnumed widely spread? ;)

On the other hand, Gnumed could be working in a short time in many projects 
and even administrations in regions/enviroments lacking economic resources. I 
think as soon as basic general practise is ready for regular use in Gnumed 
(that's the main objective i would like to be in Gnumed), it could be 
proposed for use. I have in mind, in future, propose some kind of project to 
Doctors Without Borders and other similar organizations ( http:// )...

> One thing that you might work on is ASCII export of the
> clinical record.
> The resulting code should be callable standalone so we can
> just export a range of patients and from within GnuMed so that
> we can export the active patient.

I like the idea. I have began to work in new login dialog (ref. [Gnumed-devel] 
About new login dialog task). I'll be glad to take into ASCII clinical report 
export tool as soon as the login task would be advanced enough.

Best regards,
Carlos Moro

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