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Re: [Gnumed-devel] About new login dialog task

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] About new login dialog task
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 23:09:20 +0100
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> If you agree, i'll be glad to begin to work in the proposed login dialog. 
Sure, I can't stop you. But be warned that it *may* have
far-reaching code consequences and get hairy in some places.
Nevertheless, go for it if you wish and ask ahead.

> > --------------------------------------
> > Server profile   : ___________ | edit
> > User             : ___________
> > Password         : ___________
> > workplace profile: ___________ | edit
> >
> >          Login         Cancel
> > --------------------------------------
BTW: What do the others think of this ?
(Notice how I sneaked in the User ;-)

Here's a bit more explanation:

Server profile is intended to offer selections such as "main
practice server" or "backup practice server" or "remote public
test server in Germany". It would include

server profile name
db name
backend options (I think those aren't supported by PostgreSQL anymore)
most recent user

The user name most recently used with a server profile should
be offered in "User".

The workplace profile is used to configure the GnuMed instance
personality (eg what plugins to load, etc.). I imagine calling
the profiles like this: "Ultrasound capture room 2" or
"Reception, workplace on the left" etc. Hence it will eventually
contain the following:

workplace profile name
workplace short name or ID (for programmatic use)
help desk contact info

Everything else related to configuring a workplace (printers
to use, plugins to load, etc etc) can be pulled from the database
after logging in. Now, why the help desk contact info in the
local gnumed.conf file instead of pulling it from the DB,
too ? Because we'd like to be able to display contact info to
the user even when logging in fails. Of course, after a
successfull login the help desk contact info could be updated
automatically from a field in the database ... :-)

>    Help desk gnumed.conf parameter (contact data). What does this field 
> exactly indicate or is used for?
Just something to show to the user when help is needed.

> > Yes. Pre-connection values are stored in ~/.gnumed/gnumed.conf
> Current gnumed.conf file is structured in different sections (eg. hosts), 
> containing a list of possible values that are displayed in the combo. If we 
> create different 'section profiles',  i suppose it must reflect the new 
> structure... so for example a concrete host  is associated to a profile 
> (including port, db name,ect..)  rather than a list of possible hosts (as 
> now). What could be the best approach to accomplish it?

server profiles =
main server
backup server
$server profiles$

workplace profiles =
ultrasound room
exam room
storage room
$workplace profiles$

[server main server]

[workplace ultrasound room]
short name =
help desk =

>    a) XML for configuration
No. Far to cumbersome to edit by hand.

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