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Re: [Gnumed-devel] FAQ

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] FAQ
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:35:56 -0800

On Mar 15, 2004, at 12:21 AM, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
What is GnuMed?

GnuMed is a group of practising physicians, programmers and free
software enthusiasts from around the world, committed to provide a
superior, free software solution for community practice. Using
tried-and-true technology, GnuMed software will start out having
record-keeping, but will eventually cover all aspects of medical
practice, and will interface well with 3rd-party software. Technical
speaking, it tries to do things "cleanly", but takes a pragmatic rather
than purist approach. Currently, data is accessed via business objects
implemented in Python directly accessing the PostgreSQL RDBMS, but will
access various types of data stores such as RDBMS' or LDAP.
I am afraid thtat this wording implies we are a huge group developers.
well, we could say GnuMed is a HANDFUL... committed to EVENTUALLY provide ;-) ...but the issue may now adequately be covered by the FAQ 'When will GnuMed be ready" which I have with the other FAQs as one giant FAQ at - I await Tony to resolve a problem at to do with grouping and sorting before splitting them up

he was fooled into thinking that Gnumed
was more complete by screenshots and Knoppix-CDs. Guess that's my fault.
I agree the screenshots make it look like it is at a much more developed stage than is the case

Do we have a site where we list features ? It's obviuosly not enough to tell
people that Gnumed does not not do much yet. It's too fuzzy.
We might need to establish a feature matrix and use green and red to indicate
what is there and what is not.
- this is a good idea and can perhaps be incorporated into the roadmap on the wiki - when I get a chance I or someone can hyperlink the topics at the top of the roadmap to the detail text below - maybe we can then revise the topics into a table format with the table constructed to distinguish 0.1 from future functions

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