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[Gnumed-devel] Mac OS X easy install - feedback

From: Jim Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Mac OS X easy install - feedback
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 22:14:31 -0700

On Jun 18, 2004, at 12:49 PM, Dominique Buenzli wrote:

Credits goes also to my brother, Daniel, who made this possible...
Give him my/our thanks.

Of course it is not perfect (specially the client and server install).


On double-clicking the GnumedLauncher, the Mac's main menu bar
- briefly flashes Gnumed / File / Edit as menus
- quickly reverts to the Mac's "Finder"menus
- then shows only a "Python" menu, and the GnuMed login dialog appears
- total time to this point - about 5 seconds
- PS: buttons all work, help displays seemingly correctly, options scroll bar offers test-doc, any-doc, localhost, hherb [perhaps because I had already tried these - not sure if they're all built-in)

- from this point on the first menu appears fixed as "Python" - is it not easy/possible to get it to again say GnuMed? - button position: OK seems awkwardly placed as the third button in; do we wish a convention in which the "confirmatory" (or most-often picked) button is either left-most or right-most, with additional conventions for placing the Cancel/Quit, help and options buttons - button defaults: on the Mac it is possible to visually communicate a 'default" button which is accepted just by pressing Enter or Return - is this supported in wxPython/wxWidgets? - do Macs, Windows and Linux GUIs all have different terms for "leaving" a program (Quit vs Exit vs ?? Cancel) - - did the choice of Cancel simply suit termination after launching from the command line and CVS in which case maybe Python remained loaded?

Logging into Localhost:
- observed the "Gnumed: loading 20 plug-ins" dialog. Four or five of them flashed "failed" as they went by including ClinicalWindowManager and gmContacts
- - (gnumed log attached)
- problems with main GnuMed window appearance and behaviour
- - (screen shot PDF "busserMacScrn20040229 attached)
- - tabs are all crowded together, overlapping at extreme left of the screen, cannot be activated - - window inner work areas do not display except transiently as I click out, and back, into Gnumed. Almost the whole window is occupied by "XDT field" and "XDT work area" which will not yield to other clicks. - - along the bottom right of the window, date and time display and refresh correctly - if I resize the window to make it bigger, then I can see displayed "EMR dump, Guidelines, lab journal etc" beneath which is a status remark "Done". If I click "lab journal" without a patient selected, the status line explains that no patient is selected. However if I find and activate Kirk, James T and click lab journal, the status line does not refresh and I am still stuck with "XDT field" and "XDT work area" but no results. Clicking on the other tabs along the bottom do nothing and the status line does not change. - menus shown are Python, File, Edit, Tools, Reference, Help. Their items I can select, but they result in no action - time to complete loading and to display the main notebook about 15 seconds - time from entering "Kirk" and pressing <enter> to see returned "Kirk, James T": 12 seconds - time from deleting "found" kirk and re-entering kirk and pressing <enter>: I gave up after 2 minutes

Logging into hherb:
- time to load the modules (ADSL connection) about 1  minute
- time to find and refresh Kirk's name in the search box 35 seconds
- same problems as above, it is just that there is no slight defect within the bottom left margin of the window as seen connecting to localhost

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