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Re: [Gnumed-devel] display problem under OS X

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] display problem under OS X
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 19:32:16 +0200
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> > > >Tell the gnumed people that the window being directly controlled by
> >> >the sash needs to be, in the sashwindow's OnSize method,
> >> >manually set.
> >While it is certainly much appreciated to get input from
> >others I am not sure how this solution helps with the
> >wxNotebook display quirks you are(/were ?) having ...
> I am only getting close to using some unix tools like grep
> Would it be useful to grep for the OnSize method to see where, and to 
> what degree, code may be affected?
I can only speak for the Horst space (which doesn't use sash
windows currently) and not for Richard space (which does seem
to use them). Grepping for OnSize won't reveal what we are
looking for because we don't override it in all the places
we'd need to look at. There's no need to that's why. There
does seem to be a need for getting Sash windows to work on the
Mac, though. It's a fair bit of manual work provided one has a
Mac at hand to find the places. Not that it shouldn't be done
but it's not a one-hour fix, unfortunately.

> I am wondering if the code would require something like
> if [osIdentifier] = macos
>    ... set the sash "manually"
>    ... does this mean hard-coded, or
>    ... that the user drags screen objects around
> elif etc
Yes, like that. There already are examples of this for other
reasons sprinkled about.

> 1) I could add, to the page
> ...a stub for OsDependentCoding and within this we could build up a 
> list of any problems to date. We did already recognize an issue with 
> mac from cvs and this makes 2 items so far.
Good idea.

> 2) is there a smart way of handling such things in the code, for 
> example, for people to be able to test their modules against an 
> inventory of commands, functions etc that are known to be potential 
> problems and to help them determine if any special/multi-os 
> requirements have been covered off?
Not that I know.

> PS I am back from camping. Suffered only brief (heavy) rain. The main 
> nuisance was having to wait ++ for ferries owing to the campground 
> being 2 islands away.
BTW, Sebastian and me met up with Michael Bonert, our other
Canadian GnuMedder, and had a good time at Mainz.

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