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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Info re way data retrieved - 4

From: Richard Terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Info re way data retrieved - 4
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 19:24:39 +1000
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Ok, checked it out again and sure enough the little box comes up - minus names 
in the case of hilbert, but with names in the case of leo.

 - client/wxpython/ -> cPatientPickList

will look at this tomorrow, I'm heading off home.

The search is stil odd. In my database I have a number of persons with 
christine names containing the letter 'i'. Just typing that and hitting enter 
brings up nothing at all, the 'i' just sits there.

Now I have richard, ian, christine, hilmar, cillar sebastian, julian, which 
should all appear on the list.

> > 1) Remove ALL previous records ( yes I know you've said this is a design
> > feature but I think it is confusing and contray to all logic as if one is
> > searching for new then the old patient should be erased
> Exactly, you say it: "when searching". Note how you say "WHEN
> SEARCHING". Not "BEFORE searching". Search starts when the
> user hits ENTER to start the search. No way you will convince
> me any other way.

I disagree strongly with this Karsten. I've run this past a number of 
doctors/computing doctors who visit here, and the view is that it is 

Think about the sequence. You are sitting in front of your computer. You have 
decided to look for a patient, ie you have dismissed either in practice or in 
front of you the last patient. If nothing else, removing the previous record 
at the start of search or at the end of search if nothing is found at least 
gives a visual signal to the user that something is happening. We must 
remember we are designing this sytem not for you or I but hopefully for many 
many thousands of users.

> > 2) Immediately show a busy cursor to indicate it is doing something
> OK, starting when ?

By convention the busy cursor is the first event in any search. The routine 
should be something like:

def Whatever:
                look for something. do your search
        wx.wxEnd BusyCursor()]

(Hey, I'm leaning eh! I can argue the point with a bit of python code!!!!!)

> > 3) If no records found  this should be handled

> It is, a popup appears saying so. Except that the parent=NULL
> bug prevented that from happening. Fixed.

Ah, just tried this and noticed it. Tell me which file, which line and I'll 
pretty it up, but note that if I type in terry - nothing apparen happens - no 
busy cursor, no data, no indication anything has happened.  Now I see partly 
why there is confusion - the cursor still sits at the end of the name as if 
nothing has happened. Some thought should be given to removing this focus.

Thanks for the reply



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