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Re: [Gnumed-devel]

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel]
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 00:29:59 +0200
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> What I don't understand as of yet is what happens to the document once it's 
> finished. Do we store the tex file in the database ? Or just the content of 
> the input widget? Plus maybe directions on how to render it ( in case we need 
> to reproduce this document later) ? Most likely we won't edit the content of 
> a document later but rather derive a new one from it (do we keep revisions 
> somewhere ?)
In case of forms we would be storing field contents along with
a forever-unique link to the (TeX) template. For letters we
might just store the final TeX source (eg. placeholders
expanded). To reproduce a form one would reload the field
values into a dict, load the generic template and merge them
via the % string operator. A "revision" of a form or letter
can be stored anytime, eg with only some of the placeholders
expanded. It can be reloaded any time and edited again (eg.
reprint same form, reuse form for followup-form, reuse form
for pre-filling new form, etc). The revisioning of content is
done by the generic DB level audit mechanism as usual.

For medico-legal reasons it may become necessary to store a
"binary" copy of what was eventually printed/faxed etc.
Regardless of the fact that that doesn't prove a thing :-)

> > The C++ base does support margin labels but, frustratingly, this
> > isn't available in the Python wrapper.
> Do you think it can be added ? If so do you think this would be a better 
> solution than writing you own from scratch ? If yes I would try to find out 
> excactly what is involved and talk to the maintainer of wxpython. Is this the 
> way to go ?
Please do by any means. AFAICT the widget that's involved here
is wxSTC.

> I would like a separated content / layout mechanism.
You will get it. Do you think this is necessary for letters,
too ? Eg. for preformatted/templated letters ? Those could be
handled just like forms. But there will also always be
free-from letters that may or may not use placeholders where
they see fit.

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