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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Questions re database schema:street:address:urb:coun

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Questions re database schema:street:address:urb:country
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 00:04:59 -0700

At 7:26 AM +1000 9/1/04, E Dodd wrote:
We definitely have sub-urbs
in our town as well as villages outside the town
we use the town (urb) name and the village name in an address but not the
sub-urb name. They exist on signs and people use them to describe which part
of the town, but there are no overlapping road names within the town....

Wading in...

Liz mentioned that a Village name can be important inside an URB for example for mailing purposes.

In Canada, line 2 of the address requires the form:
<building number> <street name> <street type> <direction> [comma] <within-building info>

my office address would be
Dr J Busser
575 8th Ave W, Suite 350
Vancouver BC  V5Z 1C6

(in Canada, line 2 could alternatively have been 350-575 8th Ave W)

Sometimes it is necessary for mailing to provide Postal Box information and in Canada this must be provided on a separate line below the address line. IOW it cannot be accommodated within the current "addendum". One extra field, perhaps called "addr_line2", would better support "village" or "postal box".

If we are refining usage of the "addendum" field, can the field be renamed "unit number"
(it is the official designation in Canada).

Also, the schema presently requires me to store "8th Ave W" all together as the street name. This seems workable and may even be desirable. Adding separate fields <street type> and <direction> would be more fiddly although without such fields more care is required by the office staff during the creation (input) of new street values.

I just realized what a tremendous headache it will be trying to import non-normalized patient demographic data into GnuMed - groan!

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