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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Gui-Designers was the id_name debate

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Gui-Designers was the id_name debate
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 22:53:11 -0700

At 6:23 PM +1000 9/9/04, Horst Herb wrote:

I don't dislike Richards design. I believe it suits most users well. It just
doesn't fit my personal workflow, so I won't use it myself, that's all. I
strongly suspect that my personal preferences will not suit any sizeable
number of users.

Should we maybe take the view that even if though the organization and content of "Richard-space" widgets will be different from Horst's, the method of building widgets (wxGlade etc) that Horst used can/should be more closely followed? This could allow Horst, though he does not have time to do the coding, to comment when he can on any posted problems he has already had a chance to figure out. Moreover, by pursuing the same approach, we may catch up to places where Horst had to stop, and may together dig up solutions that will serve the needs of both sets of widgets (Horst space and Richard space) - IMO just an extension of the approach taken so far with non-widget aspects of gnumed.

If the above has any merit, do we still need 2 things (adding to Karsten):

1) a statement by individuals or groups of what it would take (the minimum requirements) for gnumed to begin to serve *some* limited but useful *real* function, i.e. while continuing to use other applications for what gnumed cannot do (iwhich BTW is what Horst did)

2) seeing what these people are willing to do to get gnumed to meet the minimum requirements (do = coding and/or financially supporting coding and/or helping with the legwork to get it done)

In the past 3 months, purely as an experiment to try to move toward an EMR (and for no other reason) I have spent about $Can 5,000 on a server and hardware firewall and $Can 4,000 on support for server set-up (Debian, packages, Apache/Tomcat and the firewall, also security/performance/reliability testing, documentation), trouble-shooting my pesky ISP and helping me to learn what I need to co-administer the server.

Installation of OSCAR has so far been a small part. The (lack of) open project management has become a terrible concern. I do not yet have it working to the point of doing anything useful, and everything to this point has been a gamble, but I have been taking a chance on it, and certainly want to pitch in whatever support I can to get gnumed implemented. This includes at least *trying* gnumed once it is closer to minimum function and seeing what can be done to help it get to minimum function. I would contribute to code funding to get a solution to work for me, but I would prefer to have some realistic possibility that the time and money will not be wasted. I cannot yet tell for example, even if I were to ask local people to code something for me, if their product can truly contribute usefully to a growing code base. While it may be possible, I am concerned that these people would need some active direction on what and how to build the modules and it is direction that I am unable to give,

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