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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Gui-Designers was the id_name debate

From: sjtan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Gui-Designers was the id_name debate
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 21:06:23 +1000
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Installation of OSCAR has so far been a small part. The (lack of) open project management has become a terrible concern. I do not yet have it working to the point of doing anything useful, and everything to this point has been a gamble, but I have been taking a chance on it, and certainly want to pitch in whatever support I can to get gnumed implemented

Is it Oscar(McMaster, not Oscar cluster software) or gnumed ?
If its oscar, please enumerate your concerns with it. Maybe post a compare and contrast essay about advantages and disadvantages
of oscar  compared to gnumed.
Last time I looked at oscar it could do these things ( as far as I remember):
- write scripts ( with the help of some third party dataset)
- do appointments ( it shows here the developers understood this domain best )
- take clinical entries ( too many popup browser windows )
- upload files ( documents and images)

oscar setup was ok, it's an exercise in getting any tomcat web application to work. It's about reading log files and aiming to type the right configuration parameters ( e.g. no space after the passwords in configuration files, etc.. ), matching permissions ,
and not about debugging program logic .

The INSTALL readme file is really a great tutorial on running tomcat , which is a web "container" or provides certain services to application written to a certain framework/directory structure, in this case Struts. The way to look at it is like a series of pointers, web-inf/web.xml is a file that points to the pieces needed for Tomcat to find and configure a web serving program (ActionServlet) that meets a particular java interface. Struts is extra rules of organisation, and some useful taglibs, which are like macros to avoid embedding java code into web pages (encouraging hardcoding business logic into presentation stuff ). However , all this indirection makes Struts look hard to learn (i.e. it's basically boring gruel, served with cinammon).

A few months ago, I did some work getting gnumed schema to work with struts, and got demographics update and search working as a web app, and was working on clinical when I got interrupted by Richard's renewed interest in the python client.

If any one wants to hack at struts and gnumed schema, I can put it in test-area.

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