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Re: [Gnumed-devel] demographics editor

From: Richard Terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] demographics editor
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 08:59:52 +1000
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Now I feel REALLY BAD! and It's sunday and I've come to work specially to pick 
up the gnuMEd mail!

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 08:22 pm, you wrote:
> See, this is what I meant that people aren't committed to
> ending what they started.

Not true. I just don't think the design of the current GUI with its 
multi-layered tabs is functional, but is very confusing.
> I have accepted that the current demographics editor is what
> we'll have for entering AND changing patients. So be it.
> Am I correct that there needs to be a "clear fields" and a
> "save data" button on the toolbar for the editor ?

Clear fields only takes place on either:
1)Automatically prior to displaying current record
2)At instigation of the new-patient by clicking a add patient button (or from 
the add new patient on the popup menu - you can use the popup menu for now 
until I do the toolbar hopefully next week.

> Eg., when I want to enter a new patient I press "clear fields"
> just for good measure, then enter some data, then press "save
> data". Both buttons on the top toolbar. Is that how it would
> work ?


> I'd really appreciate if we could focus on getting 0.1 out the
> door eventually.
> wxPython 2.5 is surely nice and worth working with but will
> alienate Debian users.

Surely we should be making this backwards compatible.
> However, everyone is free to do as one pleases (and no, I am
> not trying to discourage you from mucking around with 2.5 but
> rather asking you to at least stick around the "old" client
> enough to make it work for 0.1).
> > 1) The add patient button is clicked
> Where do I find this button ?'

See above - I'll have to re-do a toolbar

> > 3) The user the clicks on the save button
> Where is this button intended to be at ?
See above - I'll have to re-do a toolbar
> > it is too confusing with having the patients stuff (name/addres etc)
> > visible in the top toolbar, whilst switching to tabs in the bottom tool
> > bar.
> Uhm, uh, I thought one of your design principles was to aid
> the memory-impaired in remembering which patient they are
> dealing with in a given client instance ?

Yes, but not in this format. Personally I prefer a stand alone client to do 
things like administering the demographic database. The reason being that 
implanting the demographics functionality within the gnumed window itself I 
feel becomes confusing.  Unfortunatley for some reason gmDemographics will 
not run within gnuMEd on my machine any more - ever since someone updated the 
routines that allowed me to save the column sizes - I'm not sure if this is 
related to the reason it won't run - but it wont, nor save the column sizes 
on my machine.

> > I've go the listbooks working, can switch panels to all the sections,
> > however to quickly knock it up I've just used some of the gnumed stuff
> > and some of thew wxPython demo stuff for proof of concept. All in all I
> > think it is heaps better than my original VB client, though obviously 
> > quite similar to both it and the current gnuMed client - sort of an
> > evolution.
> Sounds interesting.
> > I feel that since gnuMed wont' be usable for some time
> Richard, that isn't a valid statement in any sense of the
> word. What is the scope of "usable" ? Lest you define that
> the statement is void.
> > that we should migrate to 2.5 ASAP
> Or in other words since the current state isn't nowhere near
> the (as yet undefined) state that you need GnuMed to be in to
> use it (which is fine) we should switch tools and thereby a)
> break existing installations and b) make it lots harder for
> Debian people (unless I am mistaken) ?

How come its harder for debian people. No-one will using gnuMEd in a 
production sense for some time as far as I can tell. I"m using debian (though 
I do prefer ARCH) cause I couldn't get egenix to work on my ARCH box.  I can 
still run 2.4 independantly from 2.5, so it shouldn't upset anything. Also, 
anyone currently playing around with gnuMed must have considered linux 
knowledge, otherwise they wouldn't have got the thing up and running in the 
first place.

Also, migrating to 2.5 in terms of the gui shouldn't be that much of a 
problem, because from my understanding of what you guys are doing, most of 
the logic is in the back end. I think as a basic principal, becuase 2.5 will 
become the standard, and there has been quite a shift between 2.4 and 2.5, 
then the sooner we bit the bullet and transfer the better.

Anyway, I'll try and do a toolbar for demographics in the next few days and 
mail it to you.



> See you,
> Karsten

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