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Re: [Gnumed-devel] SOAP - Edit Area - Parser - some thoughts

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] SOAP - Edit Area - Parser - some thoughts
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 01:05:31 +0200
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> At 8:39 AM +1000 7/2/04, Richard Terry wrote:
> >Now, getting back to my comments from a previous posting about 
> >having purpose build 'edit area' editor, which auto-expands the 
> >available lines as one runs out of space, this is a situation where 
> >simply parsing comes into its own. It is then used to parse out and 
> >link the lines opposite the labels which are embedded in the edit 
> >area, but can also be used to parse out say a tag the user has 
> >insert using control keys eg hitting Ctrl(whatever) to insert the 
> >visual (different coloured tag) BP=. The parser assumes what comes 
> >after this tag must be in the format nnn/nnn. It both in real time 
> >validates the input is a digit (I do this very simply in the 
> >measurement part of my program), and later, when the user clicks the 
> >OK button to save  the data, assigns any BP measurements to the 
> >appropriate measurment fields. Hence later one could simply review 
> >all the BP's in the medical records with dates.
> I don't recall any more recent discussions taking this further. But 
> if this were to be put into place the <visual (different coloured 
> tag) BP=> would, along with other tags, need to be put in a reference 
> table of some type?
Yes. The matcher for the soap widget would need to be
table (eg. data) driven.

> That reference table would contain the tag, and 
> also some type of designation for which program to run to properly 
> process and store any text that follows the tag (bounded by either 
> the next delimiter or perhaps characters like a period or paragraph 
> mark)?
Quite right. The "program" that would be run would be a
GnuMedlet as mentioned before. A GnuMedlet would be similar in
style (or preferably identical to) code in
gmMacro.cMacroPrimitives (those are used to remote-control
GnuMed via XML-RPC).

Also we had some discussion re delimiting placeholders before
(related to forms handling). This applies since the "BP=" would
be one type of placeholder.

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