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Re: [Gnumed-devel] wrt: conversion factors from US traditional to SI un

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] wrt: conversion factors from US traditional to SI units
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 07:46:14 -0700

At 8:57 PM +1000 9/30/04, scaredycat wrote:
I found a table in an appendix in a standard textbook. Perhaps typing it out into a csv txt file , and someone can figure out how to import it
might help.

I found this... there i not a lot easily found on the web. I have in the office (I mostly email from home) a booklet with a whole set of conversions... I will see what organization compiled it and whether anything electronic might be forthcoming

Albumin                       g/dl x 10 = g/L

Ammonia                     mg/dl x 0.5872 = mmol/L

Bilirubin                         mg/dl x 17.10 = mmol/L

Calcium                         mg/dl x 0.2495 = mmol/L

Cholesterol                  mg/dl x 0.02586 = mmol/L

CO2 pressure, pCO2 mmHg x 0.1333 = kPa

Creatinine                     mg/dl x 88.4 = mmol/L

Glucose                       mg/dl x 0.05551 = mmol/L

Lactate                         mg/dl x 0.111 = mmol/L

Magnesium                   mg/dl x 0.4114 = mmol/L

O2 pressure, PO2          mmHg x 0.1333 = kPa

Phosphorus                    mg/dl x 0.3229 = mmol/L

Protein                          g/dl x 10 = g/L

Urea Nitrogen                  mg/dl x 0.7140 = mmol/L

Amylase                         IU/L = U/L

AST (SGOT)                  IU/L = U/L

ALT (SGPT)                   IU/L = U/L

Lipase                            IU/L = U/L

ALP                               IU/L = U/L
SDH (Sorbitol)              IU/L = U/L

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