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Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: bug reports (Sebastian Hilbert)

From: Carlos Moro
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: bug reports (Sebastian Hilbert)
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 21:24:32 -0000
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Hi all,

J Busser wrote:

| Apart from the Hilberts who are in the process of using the lab
| results (and possibly document archive) portions of gnumed, and
| myself who expects to want to *try* the test result portion, will
| there be anyone else in a position to try to *use* any of it? This
| will make a big difference to how many bug reports are likely to be
|  encountered as we consider assessing our way into v 0.1

I've been talking about Gnumed with some people who are working with
healhcare providers in India. They belong to a spanish fundation. They
were very impressived with Gnumed and we accorded to stay in contact
in order to consider future Gnumed deployment, as soon as the software
got an enough mature state...

I'm sincerely wishing that moment to be close ;) We talked about
designing a Gnumed validation project , eg. 3-4 workstations in
selected physicians, with continuos support from some IT fellow  in
order to help with possible incidences and to act as effective
communication with Gnumed list and community. Maybe a  brief
validation stage of 1 month could be enough for them and us to capture
missing requeriments and bug fixing... After that, going surely
everything well, wider implantation could be proposed and achived.
Getting into that stage we would receive a lot of feedback and, i
hope, contributions....

The requerimens would be basics por GP:
~    -Problem creation/editing
~    -SOAP progress registering
~    -EHR support: vaccinations, allergies...
~    -Prescriptions
~    -Lab data, referrals, historical, demographics... well i suppose,
a stage very close to 0.1 plan ;)

We concluded to  stablish contact again when beginning to be close to
0.1 roadmap...

What do you think? I confess I'm really bad at calculating development
times... Could it be stimated a (just more or less, for us to have an
idea) from current point , how much time could it cost us to get 0.1?

Maybe there could exist even the possibility they take a person  to
join more efforts  as developer in the road to 0.1, post and
validation essay...

Of course nothing is 100% sure, but really i'm seriously trying and
stablishing contacts to make it possible in our needed short-medium

Best regards,

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