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Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: constraints in gmClinicalRecord (FYI) and gmEMRBr

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: constraints in gmClinicalRecord (FYI) and gmEMRBrowser, gmPatientExporter
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:30:01 +0200
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> what I gather is that the constraints are quite relaxed, all set to none 
> before loading Kirk, or any other patient.
Sounds interesting. What exactly do you mean ? Ah, wait, you
mean the constraints that are handed to the exporter, right ?

> In order for the gmEMRBrowser to load,
> __fetch_filtered_items() calls the gmClinicalRecord.get_allergies, 
> get_vaccinations, get_lab_results()
> parametized with the dictionary self.__constraints   with keys 'since', 
> 'until', 'encounters' ,'episodes', 'issues'
> The items returned by fetch_filtered_items()  form the basis of which 
> encounters, episodes, or health_issues can be seen, sort of a bottom up build.
Ah, there's the culprit !

> My guess is that's  why the web client entries often don't show up, 
> because some are just notes, or notes with
> medications ; if entries are in an encounter which doesn't have one of 
> an allergy, vaccination or lab result in it, then it
> won't show up in the emrBrowser
You are correct !

>, because there will be none of these 
> items to select the same episode id from, so any
> narratives that aren't in the same episode as an allergy, vaccination or 
> lab_result won't show up.
Which is (likely) a (conceptual) bug in the EMR tree browser
(or rather the exporter) that needs to be fixed.

> What my hacky guards in gmClinicalRecord did,
I know. However, putting in those guards just masks the real
bug, namely the faulty concept in the exporter.

> i suppose the question is then , are narratives without associated items 
> in the same episode valid showable  items?
Why of course.

> Kirk has a vaccination associated with his first encounter, and an 
> allergy with his second, but if he hadn't had a vaccination
> I don't think all the notes about his injury would show up in the browser.
I think you are right.

> Apologies about the commit, I might have forced commit accidently , when 
> I was trying to commit a file in only one directory,
> and I turned off recursion, but turned on force commit ( unintended side 
> effect).
Never mind. Please do be careful though.

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