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[Gnumed-devel] questions from Richard

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] questions from Richard
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 20:26:15 +1100
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This is certainly coming on well. Almost useable!

I've a few questions - tried to ring you but guess you are working - can you 
let me know the best time to call.

1) I note it is simple to makes ones own pop-up eg I did vaccinations and it 
seems to work simply by following your code instructions.

2) However I note that as contructed the wxSIMPLE_BORDER makes this look like 
a control rather than a thing contained in a  frame - I guess that is just 
because it is developmental?
        - ie the composite STC control contained in the scrolled window needs 
to be a 
discrete control itself, as do the pop-ups.

3) There is a functional difference between the master control (the SOAP - the 
guts of progress notes) and any popup-daughter controls - ie:

 - the SOAP control will always be visible on the screen - it is akin to your 
paper page you are writing on on your desk. The  OK.CLEAR buttons when 
clicked needs to drop the contents of the SOAP control onto the progress 
notes list underneath. 

- any popup controls e.g recalls as instituted in your code have slightly 
different functioning e.g:
        a) they may or not need the ';' terminator - eg vaccinations doesn't as 
input is always single units of information
        b) these popup controls need to be surrounded by a discrete border (see 
attatched png from my 2.5.1 code) (perhaps you can put this in as an on/off 
option to the base control.
        c) the buttons on the pop ups (there are none in my screen dumop) will 
to be a different size - much smaller  - to differentiate them from the 
master SOAP control and buttons underlying them. (also perhaps a flag could 
conrol this.

Hope this makes a little sense  - will ring you at a time suitable to 
yourself. I'll play with optimizing the gui-stuff as you progress.



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