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[Gnumed-devel] gui elements

From: kittylitter
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] gui elements
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:58:40 +0800 (WST)
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  just skimmed over one weeks' worth of activity , looks
good . Saw Carlos's multi-soap widget with tree browser ,
Richard's counter with simplicity / entry speed concern,
Ian trying to get us up to coding standard  (exceptions) / modern
colloborative methods ( irc etc).

  After a week, I tried to run the barely functional web client
again , and found some interesting problems:

- Mandrake 10 doesn't have plpgsql packages for postgres 7.4 !
- createlang didn't work with a configured gnumed super-user, but
worked with default user ( again, showing plpgsql is critical for
gnumed to function properly). This showed up in the cygwin/windows install
- there is no merge /export mechanism for logical record groupings such
as per identity. The use case was I had entered the details of several of
nursing home patients as a trial , and was able to generate html summary
pages . These are not importable . When I did a reload of the schema, the
sequence start values were restarted, and I had already entered another
patient on the reloaded schema.
- I think Carlos was on the way to doing a file export in the python client;
can it re-import , even on restarted schemas ?
- another solution, which would be just as pervasive a problem to weave in
, is to use unique time-place-machine/identity  id values ( like a global
universal identity (guid ? is that what its known as); disadvantages is
added complexity / id generation time for small data elements; only useful
for non-reference data (reference data like coding, drug, demographics,
are better with restarted sequences); not useful for old schema version
data import.

- Richard's concern re usability was evident, after I lost my parental
molly coddling of the web client after one weeks absence,
and found it not very intuitively usable, and irritating that
I could just type everything in one text entry area, and have it all
parsed in as the initial patient entry / history taking/admission note.

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