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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Comments on the 2.5 Design criticisms

From: Richard Terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Comments on the 2.5 Design criticisms
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 08:02:33 +1100
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Regarding the listbox control.

Actually takes very little screen space. When I run the mockup on my 17" 
monitor I suspect it takes up about a 15" width (see the png attatched).

Also, it well illustrates how empty space improves functionality. Think about 
this. Why do we see objects - e.g why do you see a tree against the horizen - 
because the sky dosn't exist (well you know what I mean) relative to the tree 
so it stands out. So it is with art - empty space often defines what the user 
really sees.

Why don't you just instal wx2.5 in its own directorys and then just 
occasionally run the 2.5 environement instide a terminal to try out some of 
this code, then you would find it easier to assess the utility than just 
looking at screen dumps.



On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 05:18 am, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> > If you sit the two side by side you will note the following. They are
> I understand that.
> > excepting for the listbooks control on the side which allows you to
> > change from one descrete section to another.
> My criticism with this was that it appears to take up more
> screen space than necessary ?
> > IE this replaces the seemingly
> > random series of tabs which are on the bottom of the currrent gnumed
> They are not any more random than what the user makes them to
> be by means of changing the appropriate configuration option.
> > In the screen dumps I provided - when you are in the clinical section you
> > do everything there - if you want to move outside of that by clicking on
> > the listbook icons you select another section - say the reference
> > library, your Inboxes etc.
> I agree that the way you explain it the grouping seems
> consistent. I maintain, however, that such grouping can also be
> achieved with what we already have in the notebook. Apart from
> that some of the plugins need to be written.
> > The problem see is that my original design has effectively been trashed.
> > The major components which make it workable (ie the tabbed control, the
> > scratch pad, the recall/reviews reminder control and all the buttons to
> > allow you to switch between sections have been removed from the design.
> No they have not. They have just not been implemented yet. The
> reasons being a) too few coders, b) too complex a task to
> complete within reasonable amount of time.
> > Sorry to disagree but the new design is a huge leap in simplifying
> > functionality. It effectively does away with the need to be constantly
> > swapping the different editing area's to enter data. The whole place we
> > work at from day to day is the current problem data entry - here the SOAP
> > control.
> That the SOAP control looks like it might turn out to be a huge
> improvement over having to swap edit areas is undisputed. This
> is, however, not related at all to using the notebook design we
> have over the 2.5-only listbook design.
> > This central panel is the workhorse of this design. It can allow reviews
> > of old problems, creation of new problems, up front summary of what you
> > have done during the consultation.
> This is well understood and not any different from a (still
> missing) implementation of it in a tabbed notebook framework.
> > > I mean, look at the wasted screen real estate
> > > in that "HTML navigation link" left-hand panel. If you want
> > > a HTML frontend then write one. Come on. This isn't you.
> >
> > Please elaborate - I'm unsure what you mean by this - where is the html
> > navigation link?
> The left hand panel with the navigation buttons looks a damn
> lot like a HTML navigation panel on websites. And it eats up
> about that much screen space, too.
> > Try and look past the roughness of this
> I do. And when I do I fail to see the conceptual improvement
> (apart from the improvement being brought about by the SOAP
> control instead of edit areas - which is undisputed but
> unrelated to either listbook or notebook).
> > and identical to all the early gnuMed designs
> > prior to someone removing the critical components.
> You don't seem to understand. Nothing at all has been removed
> from your design. It has simply not been implemented. A couple
> of ideas have been taken from it and implemented such as the
> phrase wheel, the edit area, and the lists below the edit area.
> Why were those separated out and implemented ? Because if we
> want to have strong code implementing your design we first need
> to have the individual widgets it is made up of ! Can't build a
> house before you got bricks. Now, it is unreasonable for the
> construction workers to be rained upon during worktime breaks
> instead of allowing them to build a makeshift shelter from the
> bricks they already do have to protect them from the cold until
> the house is completed. Of course, one might want to go stir
> them up from time to time so they don't get too cozy in there
> and forget to build the house. Yet it doesn't help to present
> new construction plans when waking them up which will require
> them to don their tools and get new ones.
> Karsten

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