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[Gnumed-devel] Dates comment - PastHistory - was Words of Wisdom on Past

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Dates comment - PastHistory - was Words of Wisdom on Past History Data
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 08:22:12 +1100
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I put alot of thought into the formatting - which BTW was somewhat constrained 
by the version of Crystal reports I used to generate the info of the database 
tables. - also chose font colour/type/height/shading to make various things 
stand out easily.

Regarding dates in past history this is really interesting.

1) when I first did the PH editing area back in 1997 I quickly noticed 
something. This may be Australia idiosyncratic, but by and large people 
seemed to remember health events either by Year, or Number of years ago, not 
by the age they suffered them, unless the events took place in childhood or 
early adult hood when they were invariably remembered by age.

2)I reasoned also when I was putting in PH items from recent events, that 
unless a sequence was important in say a given 1 or 2 month period, than all 
the information one needed was the month and the day eg  Colonoscopy 08/2004. 
So when you visually scan a printout of past history it is easy to mentally 
work out date-gaps when you eye is not so confused by the day. Also, 
printouts are less confusing.

When I did the coding for the edit area I did as follows:

Enter Age: in age field > put year in year field
Enter mth/year in year filed > put age (to year) in age field
Enter full date in year field > put age (to year) in age field
Enter Age in months in age field > Put exact date in year field
(all these of course include validation on DOB so can't get shit info in)



On Sat, 13 Nov 2004 04:39 am, J Busser wrote:
> >Attachment converted: progress_notes_1.png (PNGf/ogle) (0013A00B)
> Among other things, I really like the way that the "active problems"
> are formatted including
> - a visual cue to a problem having been changed ( "active problems
> changed")
> - "which occurred or was first noted" which nicely avoids deciding
> something we cannot know
> - the stringing of the problem name (in upper case) together with
> calculations (age at occurrence) and data elements (the year of
> occurrence)
> ... so nice it makes me wonder... are dates run through a function,
> so that when an event was within a month, the date is shown, when
> they were within a year, the month is shown, and when they were more
> than a year ago, only the year is shown, while the exact date - if it
> was known and previously input - would continue to reside in a detail
> field, which could be accessed from a detail widget?
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