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[Gnumed-devel] ?Master .xls file needed for opinions on SOAP

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] ?Master .xls file needed for opinions on SOAP
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:42:36 +1100
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It has occurred to me with the ongoing data-input debate that we really should 
have a spreadsheet with columns for each developer and summary of each of the 
potential SOAP etc lines so we can fully understand the needs we all have. 
Jim seems to be good at synthesizing stuff - I wonder if perhaps he could do 
this? Personally I find it impossible to keep in my mind all the different 
threads that have gone before.

eg: cols: Richard|Karsten|Ian|Carlos|Jim|Liz| etc
rows: Subjective
        Patient History
        Doctor History
        Clinical Findings
        Consultation Summary
        etc etc

We could pass it round and fill in, or perhaps just send summary of each to 
Jim for sythesis.

It seems to be there is some intransigence on some parties parts - politically 
I can't remember who, but I seem to remember statements like 'I won't 
compromise on that...' - methinks it was perhaps Karsten, but I'm not sure. 
Whoever it was - could you explain why compromise is not possible for you.

Also This whole process yet again shows me the severe flaws in back-end 
database design before an accepted functionality has been reached. There have 
been comments such as 'would require a major database re-design in that area' 
or to use lawyer parlance 'or words to that effect'.

It may be that yet again the have different per-country requirements which are 
insurmountable. Karsten - I wonder from reading some of your stuff - is part 
of it that if you don't stick to the proposed skeletal SOAP lines, that you 
can't import data from existing german medical records systems?

There are other considerations such as research considerations, where 
splitting up to lines greater than the SOAP number could be usefull (eg 
Patient History) in looking at issues in general practice which could later 
lead to research to investigate an hypothysis.

Anyway, I think we need to continue to thrash this debate to death until we 
come up with something that works and is acceptable to the majority of us.

I've come up against more difficults even with my current schema as I continue 
to use it day by day, and I will elaborate on that later today/tomorrow.


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