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[Gnumed-devel] emr questions

From: catmat
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] emr questions
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:44:29 +1100
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anyone compared the way gnumed captures encounter data with  openehr or hl7?
hl7 is described as a "static model" , which would be in line with gnumed, whilst openehr looks like it's trying to fit the power of design-by-contract eiffel into a custom (?unrealizable) dynamic model language, possibly hoping to leverage the programmability of xslt ( or create more work for implementors to reach the power of xslt).

Another opinion,

gnumed had a few quirks with s o a p , is_rfe, is_aoe, ( is_rfe should be only available with s , and is_aoe only available with "a" , ) - why can't s o a p be pushed into the heirarchy of a clin_root_item


   - s_item
         - rfe
         - past history
         - social history
         - family history
- o_item
         - lab_result
         - physical_finding

   - a_item
         -diagnostic coding
         -prognostic assessment
- p_item
         -monitoring requirement

clin_root_item references clin_health_issue directly, and perhaps a sequential attribute / episode_number
classifies the episode of the clin_health_issue it relates to,
instead of having to tag each episode with a string name ( this was an annoying requirement when I tested
the schema with the web client).

Also , has anyone tried "whiteboard" like communication, with hand-drawn Entity-Relationship diagrams , or UML diagrams , scanned in ,and posted , since we are liberally posting mock UI pictures anyway trying to
describe an agreeable frontend.
( I remember back several years ago, when this smart computer guy from Nepal taught us , a class of 20 er newbies, how to do ER diagramming, and went through about 10 different application domains in one hour, drawing ER diagrams from requirement statements ; I thought the hard part was coming up with the requirement statements ).

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