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[Gnumed-devel] report re: windows install

From: kittylitter
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] report re: windows install
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 07:26:08 +0800 (WST)
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it still works, albeit temporarily using alternate install scripts

I think isn't working because the connection is via a local unix
port , and it's a windows environment.

I used Win PostgreSQL-7.5 devel  no extra packages,
win - Python 2.3.4  with Python 2.3 eGenix mx Base, Python 2.3 pyPgSQL-2.4,
wxPython for Python 2.3

-I also needed cygwin with bash and python packages installed to run the
bash/python scripts.

The tricky bits, from memory :-
- installing PostgresSQL   postgres user with a password I remember
-  remembering to disconnect PgAdminIII before trying to install gnumed.
- getting used to typing the same password over and over again, when
running to sh script on cygwin. i.e. have the same password
for postgres and gm-dbowner, so don't get password requests wrong.

-first execute sh , before running gm-from-cvs.bat in the
client directory ; this is so the import paths will resolve in windows,
since the Gnumed soft link path doesn't work in Windows, so the changes all the .py files to use the original "client"
directory name , instead of the soft link "Gnumed".

- I basically ran gm-from-cvs.bat from the start button -> Run  in windows,
so gnumed will run without cygwin , once the environment is set up.

Other Notes:
There were a couple of bugs which I think I uploaded to cvs , in the
alternate scripts
 -  gm-from-cvs.bat  used the path c:\\Python2.3  when it should be

- needed to add statements for creating the groups
gm-doctors, and gm-public , and the user any-doc, and put it at the
front of the "all" monolithic concatenated sql script that is generated.
The groups were needed first because of the grant statements later.

- there was a syntax error "fi" in

I think the next thing to do , is to

1) do a windows bat script (redo-max.bat)  that will
   a)search and change the soft link import statements
   b)run using the windows python on the ,

this will dispense with the need for the test-area/cygwin scripts and
the need to install cygwin ( even if it only minimal).

2)iron out unix dependencies from the bootstrap-gm_db_system script.

 1) is a big ask of a inferior scripting system ;)

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