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Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: images as unsearchable clinical notes.

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] re: images as unsearchable clinical notes.
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:48:35 +0100
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On Sunday 21 November 2004 18:11, catmat wrote:
> >He was told about tablet pcs by some other doctor. I startd to think about
> > it and here are my thoughts. Why not combine handwriting with soap entry
> > ?
> about a year ago, a friend who works from Singapore now, was seeing if a
> handwriting detection paper notebook clipboard would
> go down well in Australia.  you would still need a computer near the
> device to pickup what it was capturing from the paper pad.
> The paper pad was about half A4 size. It was supposed to cost about $300
> , which is better than the +1000 I think it costs
> for a tablet pc vs a notebook, but not sure about durability.
The goal is to get rid of the paper completely. Writing on paper and 
digitizing later is what we do already with old records and is no option.
> You could also get a camera and ask the secretary to photograph and
> upload the paper notes after each consultation.
> That's a good way to get popular with the office staff  , not ;)
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