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[Gnumed-devel] PNG's mutli-tab SOAP's_RT

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] PNG's mutli-tab SOAP's_RT
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 19:04:49 +1100
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this Arvo in between patients, I've mucked round with the multitab approach to 
displaying and using SOAP's during a consultation wich differs visually to 
Carlos's stacked approach.
This works extremely well both functionally and visually as you can see from 
the attatched png files.

View them sequentially by number to get the effect, but basically at program 
boot up one is presented by a blank (new problem) SOAP. If one wanted to not 
use this, but to edit progress notes for an existing problem, then right 
clicking on the problem list brings up a pop-up menu:


Then one can enter progress notes tagged to this existing problem


Then one could say  - click back to the unused new problem SOAP tab to enter a 
new problem:


Then one could do an old problem with the popup menu again - here diabetes.


Or with the flexibility of the SOAP one could only use one control.

As the consultation progresses, the contents of the consult will be displayed 
below the tabbed editing areas. Of course the same pop-up eiditors for 
scripts, requests, etc will still work in each of the individual tabbed SOAP 




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