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[Gnumed-devel] (no subject)

From: flotsamjetsom
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] (no subject)
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:57:27 +1100
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For example, at a recent health informatics seminar in
Melbourne, a major teaching hospital implementing a clinical information
system (and also a lead agency for the Victorian HealthSMART
all-of-State clinical system) noted that clinicians were entering
clinical problems / diagnoses into the CIS system in free text because
of lack of any standard concerning clinical coding (SNOMED-CT; etc).
Similar problems existed with allergies and adverse reactions while drug
coding (and interaction checking) used a proprietary system.

That scintella emr editor looks appropriate here.
(if eclipse can make a java programmer use better practices, perhaps a emr text editor for clinicians ?
 free text with hidden tags  for coding links

non-hospital systems too;

I tend to enter everything free text, as the main purpose seems to be to record for self or others to read or recall, and secondarily, for medicolegal purposes , which someone is going to read;
and only use *gui features* when I need
the computer to produce a form. ( requests, referrals, prescriptions) for the purpose of giving to the patient,

or when browsing ( results, documents, progress notes - one system I use divides this into list items rather than a scrollable, readonly text page; the latter I find easier to use ).

What about making an open-office monitored document  application, so people
can enter an encounter on a word processor, except there is a program monitoring the entry , making suggestions for coding, and responding to recognized text by build an action plan tree on another area , which the user can later change or commit, or invoke. You could possibly make it C++ to python, or java to python , or maybe soon they'll
wrap their api in python.

BTW , the main reason for usiing java is laziness ( short-term ) ; the ide I used lets you search for callers of a method, lookup the type heirarchy for overloaded methods or concrete methods of abstract methods, select the best matching import for module.method names that are used ; it just saves time typing commands for jumping around in files, and between files. Maybe mc does this , does it? I'm using vi for python, and I like the / search command a lot, although sometimes i'd like to do / and then see the search results with the some information as to where it is found , instead of pressing /, / , / looking for the particular occurence of the phrase I actually want.

 what's the best editor for python
if you want search facilities ( e.g. recursive grep ) and the ability to point and click and jump
to file and file position from grepped results ?

Any tips appreciated , wrt to using tools to edit python code.

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