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[Gnumed-devel] Aggregating health issues on screen.

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Aggregating health issues on screen.
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:59:23 +1100
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> I am a bit stymied because I cannot tell whether no-one on the list
> thinks it useful to be able to aggregate (to see grouped together in
> a GUI widget) any relationship among episodes, or whether there is
> subconscious agreement and only a nagging feeling of how to do this
> without complicating the data structure.

I think it is essential to aggregate, but in a HTML control or RichTExt Ctrl

This should in theory be very easy.

My personal beleif is that every SOAP episode should be actively linkable by 
the doctor to a problem (either active or inactive). I did post a couple of 
png's showing how this could be activated recently, I'll post htem again as a 
reminder. Again the backend stuff is in others hands, but I can't see why 
such a linkage of each SOAP encounter should be difficult.

When I experimented with the various SOAP mechanism, I included in this one a 
combo where the user could link the SOAP note to one or more diagnoses, or 
start a new diagnoses - have a look at the two on the right in this png:


This next screen dump is showing a simple on screen mechanism to invoke a 
listing of all occurences of a past history problem. NOte the popup menu 
option of 'view all occurrences in progress notes':


Once the user has selected this,  it would simple bydisplaying it in  
something like a HTML control which overlays then central work area. 

To see how this works, I've included png's of a similar mechanism from my 
medical records program - in this case, selecting a medication you have just 
prescribed (popup_viewPI_viewfirst.png), and viewing its product information 
(popup_view_viewsecond.png) - so just imagine instead of the medication, 
you've chosen a problem , and that the drug display is actually the html 
listing of all soap records for the past history problem. 

This use of the central area of the screen is at the core of my medical 
records program. It is used to display graphs/letters/drug information, and 
also shoud be used ot display path results/xrays etc.



> If we stay to Karsten's proposal that a health_issue is a "cause" and
> an episode is a cluster of "problem activity" -- but various episodes
> can either be different problems, or "newly opened" incarnations of a
> previous problem, then we need to keep the names of the "newly
> opened" episodes the same as the names of the older ones - maybe in
> the widgets some kind of batch naming function, the "problem" can
> have all of its episodes named identically based on some user-defined
> name maybe updated via AOE (however we would then lose the ability of
> the AOE to speak specifically to the episode in question ).
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