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[Gnumed-devel] re: live cd

From: kittylitter
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] re: live cd
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 00:14:41 +0800

sure is time consuming.
It's the boot-test-reboot-test cycle that takes time.

here's a simple script to allow upgrades and new packages to be installed
when booting from a knoppix disc ( Kanotic, actually). Why ? Because
I don't know how to install on a multi-partitioned hard disc using
a knoppix based linux system. Also , because I finally trashed my mandrake
system because I tried to recompile/install glibc ( but my system partitions
were still readable by knoppix).

It is appended at the end of, which is run
when the boot parameter myconfig=/dev/hda9 where /dev/hda9 has a config.tbz
and file created by the knoppix "save configuration" menuitem.
The script relinks the system directories into hardisk persistent
read-write directories, so that upgrades can be done and kept,
 but one still boots using a knoppix cd.

The original /mnt/hda8 persistent directory was created using
"cp -L -R / /mnt/hda8"
where -L is dereference softlinks ( i.e. copy the referred object, not
the softlink), and -R is recursive.

sudo mount /mnt/hda8
sudo mount -t unionfs -o dirs=/mnt/hda8/usr=rw:/usr=ro none /usr

#rm -fr /var/lib/apt
#ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/lib/apt /var/lib/apt
#rm -fr /var/lib/dpkg
#ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg
#rm -fr /var/lib/mozilla-thunderbird
#ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/lib/mozilla-thunderbird /var/lib/mozilla-thunderbird

rm -fr /var/lib
ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/lib /var/lib

rm -fr /var/cache
ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/cache /var/cache

rm -fr /var/etc
ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/etc /var/etc

#rm /var
#ln -s /mnt/hda8/var /var

#rm -fr /var/run
#ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/run /var/run

#this allows /lib and /sbin to be replaced with the persistent /mnt/hda8/lib,
# and /mnt/hda8/sbin . The -f parameter forces the softlink to be changed
# without removing it first. If rm is used to remove the old softlink,
# then the system becomes unusable.

ln -f -s /mnt/hda8/lib /
ln -f -s /mnt/hda8/sbin /

#this is for postgres to keep lock files in
ln -s /mnt/hda8/var/run/postgresql /var/run/postgresql

So this gives an upgradeable , persistent knoppix system image on /mnt/hda8
which you can presumably burn an image of, once the packages have
been sorted out, the desktop is configured the way you want, and
there are working collaborations using new packages such as gnumed.
Then you'd want the user to either run the cd as a server (
e.g. su server-gnumed  ;cd ~;, which runs the pre-loaded postgresql  
or as a client ( su client-gnumed; cd ~;, which runs ).
Or even better , have it as knoppix boot parameter ( gnumedserver , 
gnumedstandalone ).

On Fri Apr 22 14:15 , Sebastian Hilbert <address@hidden> sent:

>Hi all,
>Customizing KNOPPIX has been time consuming , to say the least. In fact I have
>not done it for one year for this exact reason. While shortcuts have been
>mentioned to me I never followed up on them.
>This supposedly is history now. Read this article for more info.
>And build a GNUmed LiveCD, of course. Just joking. One day we might walk
>around with our practice management sofware in the pocket. See a patient, pop
>the USB stick into any available computer and there you go.
>Sebastian Hilbert
>Leipzig / Germany
>[] -> PGP welcome, HTML ->/dev/null
>ICQ: 86 07 67 86 -> No files, no URL's
>VoIP: callto://address@hidden
>My OS: Suse Linux. Geek by Nature, Linux by Choice
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