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Re: [Gnumed-devel] progress note popups "meds:"

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] progress note popups "meds:"
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 10:01:57 -0700

At 4:18 PM +0200 4/24/05, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
 > I can think of additional design choices that would need to be ironed
 > out, for example
 > - whether this popup would serve only for drugs that are to be
 "prescribed" (for which a new supply will have to be dispensed)
 > versus an alteration of what a patient is taking (which may be
 > possible from the supply already available to them)
 > ... Jim
I see. The latter we usually just do orally in the encounter.
And write down a clear-text note.

clear-text... do you mean in a progress note?
Or do you mean, in an existing EMR, a 'comment" that
is entered into your "prescription/medication" area?

Oh, but it should be
reflected in the current_medication list, yes. For which a
different popup ('meds:') might be suitable.

And also use "meds:" to cover the case where some other doctor had prescribed a change, or something new. We would not be creating the item as one of "our" prescriptions until it becomes our decision to have more medication dispensed to the patient.

 > But such ironing out should be post 0.1, so should I maybe add it as
 a line item in the roadmap area for medication/prescription handling?


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