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[Gnumed-devel] re: tricky

From: Syan Tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] re: tricky
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 22:27:53 +0800

here's a first implementation of a med record sql exporter.

It works using the original code, but had to do some 
specific things like:

1. prevent dumping "domain info" data e.g  type tables , vaccination knowledge
Also prevents backtracking from static data onto other xlnk_identity or 
It's hard to get a program to distinguish domain data from "instance" data , 
specifically labelling things.

2. cater for xlnk_identity using xfk_identity as both an alternate primary key
and a foreign key

3. order the inserts in dependency order.
 - the set constraints all deferred; didn't seem to do anything , so had to 
It uses a temp table of ( table, old_id, new_id) at the start of the script,
to remap the ids, and then "select new_id from id_remap where table=x and old_id
= id"
for all the key fields ).

The script also tries to insert test_type_unified entries to ensure they
are there before inserting the identity data, but doesn't fail if they are 
because they are not part of the transaction.

To test it worked, a modified run of cygwin/ was used which 
had no test data in it.

a gzip dumped of the empty gnumed database is supplied. 
run (assuming a successfully installed gnumed db was install and 
dropped, so the users and groups have been set up)

rec.sql is the output of running on a 
test gnumed database with kirk loaded ( can do pg_dump, then createdb -U gm-dbo
gnumedtest and use an alternate database). 

In order to test rec.sql works, 

dropdb -U gm-dbo gnumed (if not loading from gnumedtest)

creatdb -U gm-dbo gnumed

psql -f gnumed.test.sql -U gm-dbo gnumed 

should work, but no Kirk.

psql -f rec.sql -U gm-dbo gnumed

 this last should work.

find Kirk
the emr-tree, emr-dump, document tree, lab_viewer, and vaccinations 
seem to show up all transferred information.

Hope it works on other installations.



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