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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Invitation to LinuxMed 2005

From: Tim Churches
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Invitation to LinuxMed 2005
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 05:37:46 +1000
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Dr. Jorge R Rodriguez wrote:

Dear Tim. Thanks for your reply. Is a pleasure to
contact you.
Thank you for replying so promptly. I have CCed this reply to teh GNUmed project mailing list as they also received an invitation to participate and had the same same or similar questions as I did.

Linuxmed 2005 try to represent all health fields, so
epidemiology is one of this and public health is of
real important in our countries.
OK, good to know that. I suspected that the apparent focus on hospital medical informatics was an oversight, rather than by design.

I know netepi sionce last years because I am
epidemiologist in the Jasovich Group in Argentina
( a Clinical Research Unit.
OK. We will be releasing new versions of NetEpi in the next few weeks - a beta release of the Web-based data collection tool, and a further developmental release of the anlaysis tool, which should have lots of applications in clinical epidemiology as well as population health epidemiology (which is my field).

We are making this congress with the experience of
Cardiology Virtual Congress already done since 2000.

You must found information in these URLs:

These are the URLs from the last Virtual Cardiology
Congresses over Internet that was susscesfully.

We are working together with the committees of these
congress, LinuxMed 2005 and the Fourth Cardiology
Congress will be planed to be in the same time and
with the same platform, opensource of course

You can find information about the 4th cardiology
congress here.
About virtual conference I mean: you prepare your
lecture, following the material specification that you
would found in, and then
we upload to web in the right week in regrading the
final program.
The material we receive from author, regarding the
author copyright, we will put into the congress over
Internet and will be accesible for all professionals
that will be participating in the congress. This
material belongs to the authors and will in LinuxMed
2005 without any modifications.
OK. I was confused by the term "congress" - I thought there might be live Web broadcasts or similar. Will there be any interactive component? Web chat or IRC, perhaps?

But you can make suggestion or help us in your
experience to make the right decission. What do you
think that is the best licence for documents? FDL? Any
I susggest that you look at the way BioMed central (an open access biomedical publisher - see handles licensing - they use one of the Creative Commons licenses, which seems very appropriate.

The only objetive for LinuxMed is the difussion of
free and opensource health care applications
information for over the people, (Linuxmed is
absolutelly free of charge for everybody).
It sounds like an excellent virtual gathering.

Tim, We have a strong fight everyday here, in our
countries, trying to do the difussion of opensource
into government, into hospitals, into people mind,
withiout any money, any support, and all our heart.
We don't pursuit any other objectives that to make a
better health care for people that have very bad
situation here.
yes, the open source battle is teh same in all countruies, I think, but of course the differences in health and accessible health care between countries and between sectors of the population within countries differs greatly around the world. But many people (including me) now think that open source in health will have the greatest impact in developing and transitional countries, whereas the battle for health software in developed countries has already been lost to the large commercial companies to a large degree.

Please, feel free to make suggestions, comments or all
that you want to do. We don't have you experience, our
reality is different, and we respect your opinions too
much. Thanks for your reply.
Perhaps you could approach Biomed central about publishing abstracts from the Congress? They offer such a service - see - I am not sure how much they charge for this, but you may be able to negotiate a free or very cheap del with them since teh Congres is being hosted in a transitional country. Teh advantage is greater permanance of the abstracts because they are deposited in PubMed central as well as three European repositories, and also indexing in PubMed (although you should check that - I think the abstracts are achived in PubMed central and indexed in Pubmed, but I am not certain).

Finally, yes, I will be delighted to submit a paper to your congress, but I will probably need to wait until just before teh deadline to submit it, because we are very busy over the next 6 or 7 weeks.


Tim C


Dr. Jorge Rodriguez (JR)

--- Tim Churches <address@hidden> escribió:

Jorge Raul Rodriguez wrote:
Message body follows:

Dear Sir

We are glad to invite your Team to LinuxMed 2005,
to give us
a Conference about NetEpi Project.

First Virtual World Congress of Health Free and
Opensource Software

September 1st - November 30th, 2005

LinuxMed 2005 is a virtual congress over Internet
with the
objective to join all developers and companies with free and
opensource software
and products to share their experiencies in health

LinuxMed 2005 is developing in association with
the FCVC
Fourth Cardiology
Virtual Congress over Internet, the most important
international meeting in
this field every two years. LinuxMed is organized
BioLinux Group, a
representative of free and opensource software
Latinamerica, CETIFAC
(Tele-informatics Center of Argentine Cardiology
and LAD
(opensource e-learning system developed by

The health needs the free and opensource software
growing and give a
better medical care, specially in the limited
hospitals. We are
walking this way since 1997 and trying to give the
great difussion to GNU/Linux and their apps for hospitals. The exprience begun with LinuxMed 2002, developed
BioLinux Group, from
July 1st to 3rd, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now,
we go for
more, we go for
an International difussion and for to share our
with all the
world... for a better World! For a better Health
care systems!
Authorities of LinuxMed 2005: President
Jorge Raul Rodriguez, M.D. BioLinux Group Founder
Prof. Armando Pacher, M.D. CETIFAC Director
Secretary Alberto Menini, M.D. Medical Coordinator of BioLinux Group Honorable President Eng. Diego Saravia. President of LinuxMed 2002. Tematic Program: Opensource software introduction in health.

Why do we use opensource in health institutions?

Integration and implementation of opensource in

Integration of opensource into desktop.

Migration to opensource platform in health
Opensource developments and apps used now in
Future strategies for opensopurce implementation
into health.

We invite you to participate in LinuxMed 2005
sharing your
experience in the
opensource development and implementation. Please,
see the
instructions for
lectures here. Death line is June 30th, 2005. For
information contact us address@hidden
Dr. Jorge Rodriguez
Biolinux Group Founder
President of LinuxMed 2005
I have read the information (in English) on your Web
site. I have a few

1. It seems that the theme of your conference is
only on hospital
informatics? Our NetEpi project focuses on public
health (population
health) problems, although the tools may have use in

2. It seems that you intend to publish the submitted
papers or lectures
somewhere. Where? What are the copyright
arrangements for such
publication? Do authors need to assign copyright to
LinuxMed 2005 or can
we just provide a non-exclusive license of papers
and lectures to your
organisation for publication? If the latter (which
is standard practice
for open access scientific publication), which
license do you suggest?

3. Will lectures be delivered "live" over the
Internet, and if so, using
what technology, and at what times? (Important since
I am in Australia,
which is in a raher different time zone to yours.)


Tim C

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