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[Gnumed-devel] Re: [openhealth] Consolidation Proposal: ClearHealth, Fr

From: Tim.Churches
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: [openhealth] Consolidation Proposal: ClearHealth, FreeMED and OpenEMR
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:28:27 +1000
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Shaw, Nikki wrote:

> The problem is that many physicians do work with several patients at the
> same time thus there is a need to have several patient charts open at
> once. This is fine if you are using separate hardware in each physical
> location. It is much harder to deal with if the physician is using
> roaming technology such as a laptop or tablet. A method of making sure
> that you are writing to the correct record would therefore be essential
> in this environment.

Here is a related question: how do each of these systems (ClearHealth,
FreeMED, OpenEMR, TORCH, GNUmed) handle the situation in which the same
patient record is opened (for update) in multiple browser windows (or
tabs, or multiple clinet sessions in teh case of GNUmed), either on the
same machine, or on different machines (eg in a clinic with several
special-purpose rooms, where patients move from one room to the next)?
In other words, how does each system handle record locking and multiple

And a further question for the Web-based systems (ClearHealth, FreeMED,
OpenEMR, TORCH): how do you ensure that the browser state is consistent
with the database state if/when the user uses/abuses the browser
navigation features (such as the browser back button or the browser
history feature)? Do you maintain browser/database state consistency
with all common browsers (we have found Opera to be particularly
problematic in this respect).

Tim C(hurches)

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