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Re: [Gnumed-devel] re gnu argus postgres port

From: Ian Haywood
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] re gnu argus postgres port
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 18:21:12 +1000
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Syan Tan wrote:

>  *-- Is this useful, and if it is, can I put it somewhere, and where ?
Try opening a new project on savannah.gnu.orrg or
Please don't put it in gnumed CVS
(this is not a statement of its usefulness, it sounds like a significant 
> BTW, I used eclipse and jdk5 , and have only run it within the
> context of these 2 components.
> with respect to gnumed, you could use argus to drop hl7 attachments
> into a known directory, for a gnumed hl7/mail reader to pickup.
Why a directory? If both are talking to postgres, Argus could simply
grab/dump HL7 messages from the gnumed schema.

Mind you, this means you x thousand lines of Java to do what 2-3 pages of 
python code could ;-)
> Admittedly, you could do this before, but have to learn 
> the Borland specific database setup (interbase or firebird) and
> have both interbase and postgres running . 
> The port was straightforward (but tedious) : 
> - move all the update and insert sql from interbase stored procedures into 
> data
> classes and execute them as prepared statments inside java methods  using 
> jdbc. 
> - Also, the statement for primary key value generation is "gen_id( seq, 1)" in
> interbase/firebird and "nextval('seq')" in postgres ( and probably different 
> on
> another
> database);
> - and the blob subtype 0 interbase type was replaced with bytea in postgres.
> StoredObjectMessage and StoredObjectMessages is the main class
> that communicates with the javax.mail api . The gnu-mail.jar didn't work
> but the sun mail.jar did. ( gnu-mail returned a null object in getMessages() 
> ).
> Argus OS is a useful educational artifact because it's in java and can be
> traced using eclipse, and hence it's easier to jump from method to 
> method without getting lost,  and is a good example of common package
> structuring patterns in small application java apps 
> ( e.g. a sql script package DataManagementDomain,
>     a application solution ProblemDomain,  
>   a UserInterfaceDomain package ). 
If you are using Java just for the IDE, please look at some of the python IDEs 
IMHO are just as good.

In terms of hacking Argus, what would be very good is weaning it off the HIC 
PKI into
GnuPG or (preferably both) an open X.509 crypto library.


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