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Re: [Gnumed-devel] support options for medical practices using GNUmed

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] support options for medical practices using GNUmed
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 18:52:33 +0200
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On Friday 24 June 2005 09:45, J Busser wrote:
> At 7:31 PM +0200 6/23/05, Carlos Moro wrote:
> >  > [if] a medical association or
> >  > group [were] to create a company to provide local support
> >  > would [it] be
> >  > challenged to "grow" (scale) the support as hopefully more doctors
> >>
> >>  start to use GNUmed?
> >
> >I don't know almost anything about business  but if more doctors use it,
> >that company wouldn't be able to get the required extra resources?
> You are correct that it should be possible to get some additional
> revenue stream from the extra doctors who would want support. My
> concern comes from an awareness that some companies have limits to
> how quickly they can grow or expand.
> If they are challenged to grow or expand too quickly (even though the
> market or business opportunity avails) it is sometimes too fast for
> them, and they destabilize and sometimes even go out of business. It
> can be because they are pressured to finance in an expanded
> infrastructure that they may be unable to operate as effectively,
> and/or cannot otherwise meet expectations such as finding enough new
> staff with the required skills.
Hi . Some comment to clarify on commercializing. No one forces this company to 
grow fater than it can. This company has no obligation to server more 
customers than it wants. Don't forget this. If if managers of this company 
decide to sink the company because they cannot resist potnetial revenue it no 
problem for GNUmed at all. As long as this company publishes its effort (say 
code) under the GPL there is the possibility to start the next company with 
hopefully more experienced managers.

If your infraturcture suport just 5 clients so be it. Serve them well and you 
will have a future. GNUmed is not affected in the least by failing businesses 
apart from ruining our projects reputation. But that will be dealt with by 
the project managers. the will have to make darn sure there will be not 
polluting the GNUmed namespace.  

Who cares if big companies fork GNUmed. They are not allowed to use the name 
GNUmed unless they contribute the code back under the GPL. Maybe not even in 
this case. For GNUmed it self there is not much to loose.

Othr than that I would prefer a group of doctors to take on GNUmed rather than 
some company. Note. GNUmed itself can never be bought out unless a company 
get an agreement with all people who contributed code at some time. What 
GNUmed could need is a support business. Some company who produces an value 
added version might sell services and boxed products. This is perfectly ok.



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