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Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNotary

From: Syan Tan
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNotary
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 08:39:38 +0800

How does gnotary prevent the timestamps in signatures from being altered at a 
time , or 
a stored signature of an original document be replaced with a different 
signature of a different document at some other time , and that altered 
also being passed on to colluding client ? 
On Sat Aug 27 19:01 , Sebastian Hilbert  sent: 
>On Saturday 27 August 2005 12:33, Elizabeth Dodd wrote: 
>> On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 20:19, Sebastian Hilbert wrote: 
>> > Hi all! 
>> > 
>> > An updated GNotary client is available at 
>> > 
>> > 
>> > This version does not require a python installation. Just unzip into a 
>> > directory and you are ready to go. 
>> > 
>> > Currently there are two gnotary servers to choose from. 
>> > Client works with both but only the one at supports the new 
>> > features. Those are explained at 
>> > 
>> > Beware the site is in German until the guys from LE-PC (who extended 
>> > GNotary) find the time to implement gettext for perl. 
>> > 
>> > source code of the rewritten severpart and extended client will be made 
>> > available in October or mailed to you upon request. 
>> > 
>> > Please report issues to me or the GNotary mailing list 
>> > at 
>> > 
>> > Happy testing. Once the web interface has been translated I can make 
>> > non-free accounts at available to active GNUmedders for 
>> > testing. 
>> Only the windows client seems to be on the website at present (and not as 
>> up to date as the ftp site). I noted that there will be a free trial period 
>> and then a charging system. 
>> how will that work? 
>> Liz 
>Hi Liz, 
>I am glad you asked. The confusion arises from the fact that my day has only  
>24 hours and I more or less focus on getting my final exam done. 
>The website is not uptodate. We (me and some other students) have a developmet 
>site up which will replace every now and then. We are not in live  
>mode yet. 
>What we did is simple. We took the GPL GNotary code and hacked a web portal  
>for it to offer advanced features. Those include storing the certificates for  
>you, mailing you reports at intervals, mailing you printed copies for backup  
>at intervals, mailing you a CD every now and then, allowing you to send us  
>gpg encrypted mails. We also offer to publish the hash in a newspaper which  
>makes it even harder to manipulate. 
>Those are non-free services as it costs us a bunch of money. 
>We offer four subscription types. Free, Basic, Business, Premium. 
>You don't even need to register if you only want to use the free service.  
>Free service means. You mail us a hash. We sign it. You get it back. We don't  
>store, we don't track it. You are on you own. If you need more service we  
>will charge you.  
>How ? 
>You pay a monthly fee which includes CD, paper copy, report ... This packages  
>includes a resonable amount of mails we will process for you. If you need to  
>send more mails, you can by mail pakages. 
>How does that sound ? Does this makes sense or not ? 
>So why do you need GNotary ? It should make it a lot easier to prove to a  
>court that you did never change your digital documents. Be it a backup, a  
>ultralsound recording, whatever.  
>Sebastian Hilbert  
>Leipzig / Germany 
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