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[Gnumed-devel] Mac Python info & issues

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Mac Python info & issues
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 10:01:00 -0700

Sebastian / all:

I read & summarized August-->September 15th threads on Mac python lists:

If useful, I can try to keep aware, & post periodically.

Bob Ippolito & Robert Kern's posts seem most authoritative. Bob also manages Unofficial Official resources for Mac including TigerPython24fix. |Packages that say 10.4 are *ONLY* compatible with 10.4.

Where to get your python port for Mac

To have an app usable under multiple Mac OS versions (10.4, 10.39 etc), Python needs to be 2.4.1

It can cause conflicts on a Mac when a "framework" Python is supplemented by an "installed" or "nonframework" python (both Darwin and Fink ports being nonframework builds). One posting describes inadequate methods to account for which version to use, and better coding is suggested:

Don't try to replace the Apple-supplied Python with a newer version. Down that path lies madness and reinstallation of the system. With proper attention, multiple versions of Python can live
quite happily on the Mac. When installing Python oneself, it lives in /usr/local/bin. If you want it to
run when you type 'python' at the prompt you need to make sure that
/usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in your path.

How to include the framework in the application bundle (apple vs fink installed)

Specifying which version of python to use & translating path

A bit about Tiger's default to gcc-4, lack of Fortran compiler & changing the default compiler to gcc-3using a gcc_select command

A Boa / wxWindows crash on Mac - maybe relevant to our GNUmed Mac crashes? (also reported lower on the thread page for wxGlade)?

Boa provokes a crash with wxMenuBar::GetClientRect (really, wxWindow::GetClientRect) because for whatever reason the wxMenuBar C++ object is not prepared for a  GetClientRect() call and thus crashes.
GetClientRect() on Mac doesn't expect to be called from wxMenuBar.  On Mac, wxMenuBar really isn't a wxWindow at all but it derives from it for compatibility with other platforms.

Apparently can be fixed at the wxMac/C++ level for GetClientRect (actually, GetClientSize and GetClientAreaOrigin) but won't make it into wxPython until the next release.

Opening an application from Python

If we use/need any of the following,
- select.poll() may be broken on Mac OS X
- an installer for PyObjC ( may be broken & have to be compiled from source
- appscript does not have an installer for 2.4, you'll have to compile it and its 5 or 6 dependencies.
- Py2app & wxPython problem was solved by going from 10.4 to 10.4.1
- ODBC and the Mac... do we need ODBC via Python as it isn't clear that there's free support:
- Active Directory authentication on Mac using Python
- PyObjC for developing Cocoa (Mac-native GUI) applications with Python:

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 23:51, Dominique B├╝nzli wrote:
> SORRY you have to press the "U" key instead of the "C" key.... my
> mistake (a bit tired...) [while launching to prompt updating from CVS!!!]
> Note: you have to copy gnumedlauncher on your computer before using
> it (not launching it directly from the disk image).

At 11:23 AM +0200 9/14/05, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
I tried yesterday. A few minutes only but couldn't get it to work. I am not
sure if this is osx86 related. Anyway the GNUmedlauncher doesn't produce andy
noticeable feedback (does it write some logfile?). If I navigate my way into
the subdirectory and start the shellscript ist starts but complains about not
finding the postgres dastabase adapter. An error in gmPG.

If I understand what you wrote in your last message there should be not need
to install any additional packages such as pypgsql. Or does this only apply
if I use the GNUmedlauncher ?

I will try a bit more tonight maybe.

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